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The Most Popular Online Games


Online universal gaming tournament platform gaming has taken the world by storm, especially during this last year. While people have been locked in their houses, departing real life for an hour or two via the magic of the Internet played a key role in providing some lockdown respite.

The social aspect of online gaming is another important factor, too. People can use this world to have some real conversations and interact with other living beings without the need to be behind a mask or scared of picking up a killer virus.

Playing COD or Fortnite is one way that an online community can serve as an escape from the real world and they are incredibly popular, but online casino games are often overlooked when we talk about this subject.

They have been able to innovate over the years and now provide a really complete experience for gamers from all over the world.

Live casino games

Games like roulette, blackjack, and poker have always been incredibly popular in a bricks-and-mortar setting but lacked a little bit of pizazz online.

Playing against a computer, in a sterile environment with computer graphics, stripped the fun away from a game that’s social. Live casinos restored the enjoyment.

Live casinos are a brilliant innovation. They involve a croupier dealing from a real casino, hundreds of players from all around the world, and you.

The best croupiers interact with players as if they were sat down in front of them, and can bring an extra level of enjoyment to the game.

More care

Game developers are now putting more care and attention into how their slots play and look. The competition is fierce, with many online casinos running hundreds of slot games, so developers need to entice users with looks and playability.

Better 3D graphics is a really cool innovation that’s sparked a wave of games that look and feel like the real deal, while increased reels and side games are another innovation that has made games more fun and more engaging.

Real-world crossovers

The amount of games that have real-world crossovers is interesting. Developers are looking to tap into an existing market by developing games based on really famous films or console games, like Lara Croft.

There are some really famous horror franchises that have been developed into slots. You can step into the world of Dracula, with transforming bats and all the trappings, while winning money!

Other cool adaptations include Hitman, which comes packed to the rafters with knives, guns, and assassin jokes – while Call of Duty was also given the honor of having a slot game made in its likeness.


Online gaming has become incredibly popular for a number of reasons. Games are getting better, slots are becoming more engaging as better graphics and storylines are included, and live casinos give the same experience from the safety of home.

In addition to this, gamers can play from home, casinos have very easy sign-up processes and it’s safe to do so.

With that in mind, is it really a surprise to learn that online casinos remain the most popular online game format?

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