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The new Chromium-based Edge browser is actually something you’d wanna use

If you can’t beat them, join them. And so let it be written, and let it be known, Google riding on Chromium has outpaced the competition making a strong case for Chromium engine over alternative browser engines. So much so that Microsoft decided to push its Edge browser into the Chromium bandwagon.

April 8, Microsoft announced the launch of its first Canary and Developer build of the new Chromium-based Edge browser. The Canary build will be updated daily while the Developer builds weekly.

Early testers are praising how these builds are running smoothly so far; though we should not be surprised if some few bugs emerge here and there. It is also quite impressive just how well the new Edge browser current features are working so well with the Chromium engine.

You can even get some existing Chrome extension on the new Edge browser. Microsoft also wants to integrate Fluent Design to the browser, which will give users capabilities such as setting tabs aside.

The Chromium- Edge browser comes without the 53 Google’s services that typically comes with Chromium. That includes ad blocking, Google Cloud Storage, Cloud Print, Google Play, and more.

At this point, I should also point out that Microsoft has so far placed about 150 commits to the Chromium project. That shows the company is on the platform to stay and we do not expect it to abandon the Chromium-version of Edge browser.

If you want to give the new Edge browser a test run, then click here to download.

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