The New Opera 34 Comes With An Upgraded Opera Turbo For Better Data Savings

The New Opera 34 Stable Comes With An Upgraded Opera Turbo For Better Data Savings

The latest update Opera 34 has an even better Opera Turbo that will enable you browse 15% faster and save you 23% more data than on the previous Opera browser. That is if the statement made by Opera Software ASA on its blog post is anything to go by.

Users browsing the Internet over a congested Wi-Fi connection such as schools, airports and cafes will find the revamped Opera Turbo a much-needed relief. The feature is said will boost their browsing speed on a slow connection by up to 15%, something that can come in handy especially when you are on a 3G network and viewing image-rich web pages.

If you are on a limited data package and want to utilize your data plan to the maximum. The new Opera Turbo is said to save up to 70% of your data and is 23% better at saving your data that in the previous versions.

Why The New Generation Opera Turbo on Opera 34 Is Something You Need

The new Opera 34 might just be the answer to the problem facing many people in Africa where the cost of connecting to the Internet is not only expensive but also not readily available. Especially in the rural areas and low-market estates in urban areas; the new generation Opera Turbo could help you when using networks with low bandwidth and high latency.

If you already don’t have Opera browser on your desktop, you can download it from the Opera website.

If you are on a mobile device, you can further improve your browsing experience by combining the high speed and data compressor Opera Mini browser and Opera Max app. Opera Max also compressed data used by other apps on your smartphone, not just the Opera Mini browser. It also gives you the ability to restrict some apps from connecting to the Internet among other significant advantages.

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