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The next Microsoft Patch Tuesday could come with a Fix for Freezing Chrome and ‘Hey Cortana’ command

by Felix Omondi
windows 10 + patch tuesday

In the April 30th rollout of the Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday, some Windows 10 users have been left with a freezing system whenever they are running certain apps like the Chrome browser or giving commands to ‘Hey, Cortana.’

Well, there is some good news! The next Patch Tuesday slated to roll out on May 8th could come with a fix for these problems. Microsoft’s monthly Windows 10 updates usually come with new features; such as the recent rollout of Timeline activity log and a fix for the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

However, sometimes these updates come with more problems than with solutions. While we covered some ‘Pro Tips’ on what to do to avoid becoming a victim of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesdays in our earlier article right here. If you fell victim for this April 30th release of Patch Tuesday, you will be glad to know Microsoft next release of Patch updates will fix that problem.

But for now, here what you can do…

Perhaps next Tuesday is too far for you, and you would rather have the problem fixed now. Well, there are some suggestions Microsoft says you should try out.

Laptop users fix

If you are experiencing the problem in a laptop computer, Microsoft says when your system freeze when you are running the Chrome browser or giving commands to ‘Hey, Cortana,’ try closing and opening the lid.

Desktop PC users fix

On the other hand, if you are on the desktop computer (with a keyboard) try pressing the following keys simultaneously: Start key, Ctrl, Shift, B.

Windows 10 Tablet users

If you are on a tablet, press the volume up and down buttons at the same time; do it three times in a row within 2 seconds.

The systems that have been hanging since the fateful Patch Tuesday in April are suspected to have a bug with their graphics drivers. The above trick will reset the drivers and hopefully get you going. You might have to rely on the trick above for a little while longer as Microsoft had to delay the patch because of some Blue Screen of Death concerns, and the May 8th patch might even be delayed a while longer.

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