The next Xbox and PlayStation 5 are going to be beast gaming consoles, but to fully enjoy their power, you might need to Upgrade your TV also

Come 2020, both Sony and Microsoft will bless gamers with the next generation gaming consoles. Sony will be launching the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Microsoft too will be launching the next generation Xbox.

Both consoles will be capable of running 4K resolutions at speeds of 120 frames per second. Yet, the average TV you are likely bound to find in a typical home runs 60 frames per second. Therefore, it goes without saying, to fully enjoy the graphics quality of next-gen PS4 and Xbox consoles, you will need a newer and powerful TV as well.

So if you take your gaming religiously, you might want to start saving up for a newer generation TV or monitor with 120 Hz refresh rate. Yes, they are already there in the market, and they come with a steep price tag. But the thing with electronics, they tend to depreciate quickly with time, and I would bet if you wait until around the time Sony and Microsoft will be releasing the PS5 and Xbox. The 120 Hz refresh rate TV or monitor will be much more affordable.

Then again, if your budget cannot allow you to purchase the 120 Hz refresh rate TV or monitor. You can find the regular 60 Hz refresh ones that are artificially boosted to higher refresh rates.

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