The NSA warns Windows users to update their system right now to keep BlueKeep threat at bay


The U.S National Security Agency (NSA) is warning all Microsoft Windows PCs users across the world to update their OS or risk a “devastating” and “wide-ranging impact.” A first for the security agency, as they typically tend to keep their affairs low-key and one would have expected them to first approach Microsoft before making a such an alarming public statement.

The advisory by NSA was prompted by the BlueKeep threat, which by the way, Microsoft has been sending out warnings to users to update their systems because of it. Now, that you have advisory from both Microsoft and the NSA, I think that it is imperative you update your Windows system ASAP.

According to research by the NSA, about one million people accessing the internet on Microsoft Windows computers are still facing the threat of BlueKeep on port 3389. A feature used for the Microsoft Remote Desktop, which seems no one knows just how many devices out there are vulnerable to. This vulnerability, if exploited, the catastrophe will be on the same scale as what we saw with WannaCry.

The fact that the NSA had decided to come out publicly and not even use its usual channel, the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT), could only mean they have classified information that ‘some very bad people are exploiting the BlueKeep vulnerability. That means critical information, especially by big corporations and government facilities around the world, are facing serious cybersecurity threats.

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