The Pros And Cons Of Iron Doors

The Pros And Cons Of Iron Doors

Are you debating between a wood or fiberglass door and one made of wrought iron? A new single or double-iron entry door for your home may cost a lot of money. We give the most precise advice on every element of purchasing a wrought iron security door. Having wrought iron doors has several advantages. If you want iron doors in San Diego, you can contact a local firm of iron doors, San Diego. Here are some wrought iron door benefits and drawbacks.

The Benefits of Wrought Iron Doors Raise Home Value

Wrought iron doors improve a home’s value, according to data. When selling your house, it’s crucial to have wrought iron doors since they are handcrafted, exquisite pieces of art constructed of high-quality steel that may last a lifetime. Although wrought iron doors are often more expensive than wood or fiberglass doors, with good maintenance, you probably won’t ever need to replace one.

Boost the curb appeal

People notice wrought iron doors first when seeing a house, and their rarity and design can raise curb appeal. Because wrought iron doors are less typical than conventional wood doors, your home will stand out for all the right reasons. Many of our clients tell us that after installing their wrought iron security door, their neighbors never stop asking them where they acquired it.

Utilizable Glass

The movable glass is one of the nicest features of a wrought iron door. The majority of our wrought iron doors include operable glass, which enables the glass to open separately from the door for simple cleaning and ventilation. In the summer, we enjoy opening the windows to let cool air inside the house without opening the door.

Easily Maintained

Compared to wood or fiberglass doors, wrought iron doors require significantly less care and are much more durable. You don’t have to be concerned about wood warping, rotting, or paint and stain fading when you have a wrought iron entry door. Iron security doors are coated seven times to provide a flawless finish for many years to come. Just soap and water will do the trick to clean an iron door! For simple cleaning, the glass functions independently. Our hinges are pre-greased at the manufacturer, so they seldom ever need further lubrication.


Security is a major benefit of a wrought iron door over a wood or fiberglass door. Heavy wrought iron security doors sometimes weigh over 400 pounds for a single door and 1000 pounds for double doors. Storm-force winds and other extreme weather are no match for wrought iron doors. Dual pane, tempered glass is used in wrought iron doors for safety, making it exceedingly difficult to shatter. Our installers frequently comment on how hefty and safe our doors feel, comparing them to bank vaults.

Cons of Wrought Iron Doors


In general, wrought iron doors cost more than wood or fiberglass doors, although this is mostly because of the materials involved. A wrought iron door will cost more than a wood door, but it will last far longer and has been proven to raise the value of homes.

Choosing A Skilled Installer

Our clients from outside the area occasionally have problems locating a wrought iron door installer with relevant experience. Wrought iron doors, formerly uncommon, are now increasingly fashionable and common. Firms offer a list of installers to their neighborhood consumers. 

Additionally, all of our wrought iron doors come from the manufacturer pre-hung, with all of the fittings already attached. Despite the fact that our doors are somewhat heavy, we make installation straightforward. Simply hang the door slab on the jamb after the jamb has been installed, and the door will be hung and ready.


The fact that wrought iron doors are so hefty is both a bonus and a drawback since they are made for security and durability. Iron entry doors might weigh over 1000 lbs. Unless otherwise stated, the client is responsible for unloading the door from the delivery vehicle and unpacking the pallet.

We advise at least 3 physically fit individuals to assist in unloading. The door slab and jamb are packaged individually to make unloading simpler and minimize weight. If you are unable to unload, we can provide “white glove service” through the delivery provider, but there will be a fee.

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