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The Right and Wrong Way to Repurpose Your Content for Digital Marketing


If you create content for your business, there are places where it makes sense to display it. For instance, having it on your company’s website would be appropriate. You might have a copywriter on staff who can handle this kind of content creation, or you may even do it yourself if you have the time and the necessary writing skills.

However, a time might come when you must repurpose some of your existing content for digital marketing purposes. Digital marketing is a part of many modern marketing strategies, and most companies who try it benefit from it.

You can find a powerful digital marketing agency in Utah if you need help with this task. If you try to tackle the job yourself, you should know about the right and wrong ways to do it. We will discuss some of those briefly right now.

What Does Content Repurposing Mean?

In this context, content repurposing might mean something like taking your existing content, such as what you wrote on your website’s product pages, landing page, or company blog, and repackaging it as part of your marketing efforts. For instance, you might use that content to create banner or pop up ads. You may use some of it for social media content instead.

What is the Right Way to Do That?

The right way to repurpose existing content for digital marketing purposes is usually to condense it. If you have a product that you’re trying to sell on your website, then you have the option of writing as much copy about it as you’d like. That’s not an option if you’re reducing that content to much shorter messages for social media platforms like Meta, X, TikTok, or anywhere else you’d like to market your services and products.

You’ll need to adhere to each social media platform’s policies to determine what length each message should be. The other thing you’ll want to do is create digital marketing content that’s optimized according to SEO best practices. Doing so makes getting conversions much more likely.

What is the Wrong Way to Do It?

The wrong way to repurpose existing content for digital marketing purposes is to do so haphazardly and without focus. For example, ignoring the content requirements for the social media platforms you elect to use will likely not get you the effects you want. Similarly, ignoring SEO best practices will likely not lead to an increase in sales.

You Might Want to Locate a Digital Marketing Agency

There is an art to crafting excellent digital marketing content from your existing content. The new content you create should feature strong calls to action since you’re actively trying to get potential customers to engage with it.

If you don’t have experience in this area, or if you don’t have any employees who do, then reaching out to a skilled digital marketing agency might be in order. They will have prior experience reformatting existing content for digital marketing, and paying for their expertise may be worth it.

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