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The Technology Behind Online Casino Gaming


The gambling industry is constantly evolving and enables new services we could only dream of earlier. Players tend to take the gaming technology behind online casinos for granted, but the truth is there is a complex lineup of interconnected technologies needed for an operator to attract, engage, and retain its customers. We bring you the core of online entertainment and aspects that made it look and work as expected from both newbies and seasoned players.

Random Number Generator

List any scientific discipline, and you will find the application of random numbers in it. Even in everyday life, we face the problem of protecting our data from unauthorized access with a code that is “random” enough that no one could guess it. There are also serious scientific disciplines such as cryptography, which would not even exist without the science of (pseudo) random sequences. We will mention some more – game theory (study of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation), probability theory, consumer electronics (social and casino games), as well as many scientific experiments and sociological research, and more recently art projects.

There are two basic types of random number generators, and both are employed in the online gambling industry to determine outcomes of casino games. We talk about all those slot machines when a random event triggers a progressive jackpot or generates a winning hand in poker. Without this technology, it would be impossible for a casino to guarantee fairness and receive a license from a regulatory body.

We can really say this tech is the most important aspect of all online casino games software providers must have in mind. Luckily, software developers such as NetEnt or Microgaming have their games independently tested so you can be absolutely sure that RNG is working as expected. Of course, when reading reviews of the online casino real money, you should always get information about this aspect as one of the most important ones.

Encryption Technology

The primary role of encryption is to protect the confidentiality of data stored on a computer or distributed over an internal network or the Internet. Modern encryption algorithms have a vital role in the security of IT systems and communications, not only when it comes to data confidentiality, but also the following key security elements:

  • Authentication: The origin of the sent content can be verified.
  • Integrity: Provides proof that the submitted content has not been modified after submission.
  • Indisputability: The sender cannot deny that he sent the content.

Encryption is used to protect data sent from any device and on any type of network, not just the Internet; every time you use an ATM, play online casino games, or unlock a car with a remote key, encryption protects the exchange of information that takes place on that occasion.

Today, some activities are impossible to imagine without digital encryption systems. These are, for example, activities related to the electronic payment system or online banking. As well as many other technological processes that are presented in the new online casinos. You can learn about them from the AussieBestCasinos team, who researched them and identified the most important ones to meet the needs of casino beginners.

Mobile Casino Software

The design and development of mobile web applications involves the support of all existing platforms, seeing that the mobile web application is based on the Internet browser for a smartphone or tablet. It is actually an advanced form of a website, which is realized using HTML5. Recently, reputable developers tend to employ their advanced tools to develop mobile casino software as a technology that targets players who enjoy playing casino games on the go.

Advantages of mobile gaming are many and we will present some of the most relevant for casinos. First, they build loyalty between the consumer and the brand and increase “brand awareness”. Mobile devices have a 100% smart adaptability to fit the size of any screen and have unlimited access for various purposes. Using their GPS, camera, microphone, and other components, this technology increases the possibility of presence from multiple platforms, which brings different users to a single gambling site.

Online Casino Game Applications

This is a technology that goes hand in hand with the previous one and sometimes it’s hard to get a clear distinction. Essentially, there are some casinos that offer downloadable applications either for a PC or for smartphones running on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or another operating system.

Knowing that providers simply need to make modern slots addictive, casino operators often decide to ride the wave and offer their customers gambling solutions ready wherever they are. The only thing that implies is Internet connection.

Applications were hugely popular at the dawn of online gaming when Microgaming made the very first online casino. At the time, operators almost completely relied on this technology, but it is still widely used and accepted today. As such, it allows a new player to register an account, enjoy online games, pay for credits, and withdraw winnings mainly using bank transfers. Also, developers still create online casino games compatible with applications that casinos release.

Online Payment Methods

Many of you have already had the opportunity to make at least some payments online and feel the benefits (speed, ease…) of shopping online. We believe that many people bought airline tickets, rented a car, or booked a hotel in this way, but we are sure that most of them bought at least once from Amazon, Aliexpress, or EBay. Gambling enthusiasts have this opportunity at online casino sites as a built-in option that is presumed to work perfectly to provide an optimal gaming experience.

In addition to credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, or American Express, more and more payment service providers offer their services to the online casino industry. All you need is to open a bank account physically or virtually and you will get access to such services.

Accordingly, new payment service providers such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and cryptocurrencies change the market for good. This will benefit both gamblers who receive a wider range of options and associated bonuses and casinos that now attract a broader audience taking them over from landline venues.


As you can see, the online casino software is actually more complex than just spinning the reel or a roulette wheel. A lot of hard work has to be done to have all your favorite slot games ready to offer massive winnings or hours of quality entertainment. We can expect some new technology to show up in years to come and it will surely improve your casino experience.

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