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The Technology which Makes Live Casino Gaming Possible


Over the last decade, the gambling industry has grown to become one of the largest industries in the world. This expansion is largely due to a surge in interest in online casinos. Online casinos are easy to use and more accessible than land-based venues; you don’t need to drive to them and they’re open 24 hours a day. This also allows people to play games in short bursts, rather than having to commit an entire evening to the activity.

As a result of this increase in player demand, an explosion of online casinos occurred, with hundreds of new sites entering the market. Now the marketplace is oversaturated and would-be customers have a lot of similar sites to choose from. This puts the onus on the online casinos themselves to make sure they stand out from the crowd.

The best way to do this is to offer the best quality service. This involves making sure that high-quality and popular games are on offer, as well as enticing bonus offers, a variety of ways to make deposits, and good customer service.

Live Casino Games

As one of the newest forms of online gaming, live casino games have really captured the hearts of players all over the country. Live casino games let you stream poker, blackjack, roulette, and other offerings in real time from a studio setting. You are connected to a host who will run the game for you. You can see and hear everything they do, and you can use the online chat function to ask questions and make comments, which the live dealer can see and respond to.

How The Technology Works

It sounds simple, but the technology behind it is very clever and there are lots of little ways in which tech is used to enhance your gameplay.

  • Cameras: Thanks to fast internet speeds and better processors, live casino games are able to use high-definition cameras to give the players at home a clear view of the dealer and the table. Usually, three different cameras are used; one focusing on the dealer’s hands as they deal cards or spin the roulette wheel, one as a close up of their face, and a final one showing a wide angle of the whole set-up. You should be able to switch between different feeds to get the angle you prefer.
  • Game Control Unit: This is attached to the table and helps the dealer to control the game. It links the dealer to the action at home, letting them know when all bets have been placed and they can make their next move. It’s also responsible for encrypting the data and making the live stream secure.
  • Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) Software: The cameras don’t just relay images to the players, they also send information to this software, which can then recognize the different cards and create an overlay on the heads-up display (HUD). This allows the players to get all the information they need for the game, without having to squint at the small cards. It’s also useful for the casino to be able to track the games electronically.
  • Display Monitors: Each table will have one so that the dealer can see the player’s move and any chat messages. This allows them to welcome players to the game and interact while playing, giving everyone at home the feel of playing at a real table, with all the convenience of online gaming.

Regulating Live Casino Games

In a casino, there would be security cameras and pit bosses to keep an eye on the dealers and players to make sure that nothing dishonest is going on. Live casino games have the technology to do the same thing. Because of the OCR software, online casinos will have a digital log of every card dealt or number spun. This is analyzed in real-time by other software which will spot patterns and irregularities which could indicate that the dealer is cheating.

One thing casinos don’t have to worry about with live games is the software being hacked to change the results. Virtual online casino games are delivered by a random number generator (RNG) which ensures that the results are unpredictable. However, there is always a chance, however small, that a talented hacker could corrupt the system. Not so with live games, as they’re impossible for someone to influence. The dealers used are knowledgeable professionals and know it’s more than their job is worth to engage in any form of manipulation, and with hackers unable to control the cards, many online players feel that they’re getting a fairer, more secure game.

In Summary

Live casino games offer players a blend of online and land-based casino experiences. Many people appreciate the social aspect of not only being able to chat with the dealer but also to ask questions about the game and check they are playing correctly. It can really help new players to feel confident. With the help of technology like high-definition cameras, augmented HUDs, and the game control unit, online casinos are able to deliver a top-notch experience that will keep players coming back for more. Live casino games aren’t cheap to deliver, but the experience they give is worth the investment.

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