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The Top 10 Best Development Platforms for Low or No Code In 2021

Mobile app development is the latest trend that businesses around the world are following. Most people use smartphones most of the time. Thus, the best way to get their attention is to develop a business app that works on handheld devices. Today, app development has become very easy. All you need is an app creation platform, such as this one for example, to get the app you want in no time at all.

There was a time when organizations had to keep aside a considerable amount of capital to develop mobile apps. This involved hiring professional application developers, conducting a market survey to decide what type of app would work, creating the app, and finally testing it before release. This lengthy process involved money and time. Today, firms are always under some stress, and time is significant for them. Thus, they opt for a suitable app-developing platform to design their business app on their own.

Low or No-Code Platform

When you talk about a low or no-code app development platform, it refers to an application that offers GUI for programming. As a result of this, it develops the code faster and reduces the average programming efforts.

With these tools’ help, it becomes possible for faster development of code by simply minimizing various hand-coding efforts. Apart from helping you with the coding aspect, it also helps with deployment and quick setup.

Top 10 Best Low Or No Code Development Platforms

Listed below are 10 of the best low or no-code app development platforms that you can use to develop your business app.


One of the most popular and highly user-friendly app development platforms is Andromo. Developing a business app using Andromo is sheer fun. It is packed with some of the best and latest templates for your application. Just choose the best template as per your app requirements, and you are halfway down the line.

Andromo also has multiple pre-filled contents in the form of words, videos, and images. You can also use these in developing your business app to make it more attractive and exciting to use. Overall, Andromo is extremely easy to use and fun to use.


Quixy is a cloud-based no-code app development platform that lets you develop your business app. It helps to automate workflows and also build simple to complex enterprise-grade apps. You can quickly develop apps on Quixy 10 times faster than the usual process and customize the app as and when you like.

Visual Lansa

This is another low-code app development platform that is capable enough to help you create web, desktop, and mobile apps. You can build your apps quickly and within a pocket-friendly budget without wasting much time in the process. Visual Lansa also lets you opt for extensive testing and enjoy various integration and deployment controls.


If you are looking for one of the most intelligent process management and low-code platform, then Creatio will be an excellent choice for you. It comes with a leading UI for visual modeling, and it lets you develop different types of apps using the App wizard. It also comes with several features for administration and security.


GeneXus is an AI-based automatic software generation platform that lets you generate apps suitable for many different platforms, such as Apple TV, mobile native and hybrid apps, as well as progressive and responsive web apps. The best part about using GeneXus is that it lets you change between various platforms and technologies automatically.

Zoho Creator

Another famous name in the world of app development platforms is Zoho Creator. It is a cross-platform app-building tool that helps you to build native mobile apps much faster. With the help of Zoho Creator, you can quickly develop apps with minimal effort. You can also connect your business data and easily collaborate with your different teams. In addition, it provides you with strict security and enjoys instant access to mobile applications.


Appian is an innovative automation platform that can help you develop business apps. With the help of this tool, building mobile applications proves to be beneficial for your business, work efficiency, and customer engagement. Apian provides you with drag and drop tools along with native AI services. Without using any code, you can easily integrate systems, enterprise data, and web services.


Another top low-code application development platform is Mendix. The best part about using Mendix is that it allows you to develop apps for any device. Whether it is an iOS, Android, or Windows device, it provides you with options like public cloud, private cloud, along with on-premises deployment. In addition, Mendix comes with visual modeling tools and reusable components. You will be able to develop apps using this tool pretty fast, and it also lets you work offline. Adopting this tool is pretty simple and is helpful for any business.


If you want to develop your business app as soon as possible, OutSystems will be a great choice. It lets you create apps at an unbeatable speed. You can use the tool to build web apps, mobile apps, as well as enterprise-grade apps. OutSystems allows you to enjoy error-free deployment of your business app, whether on-premise or in the cloud. You can quickly deliver scalable apps and get real-time performance dashboards. However, OutSystems is suitable for those developers who wish to edit an existing app.

Salesforce Lightning

Are you planning to develop your mobile app with advanced security? Then using Salesforce Lightning will be a good choice for you. If you have no idea about coding, then the Salesforce Lightning tool can help you out. You can develop your business app on this tool, and it lets you do so instantly with the help of a spreadsheet. The best part is that you can use any programing language to create your business app.

Choosing a suitable app development platform is crucial to help you develop the kind of app that your business requires. If you make a wrong decision when selecting such a tool, you might not create the mobile app you had in mind.

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