Top Tweets & Hashtags In 2015 As Tallied By Twitter

The Top Tweets & Hashtags In 2015 As Tallied By Twitter

Which are the tweets and hashtags that were most popular on Twitter this year? According to the micro-blogging site Twitter, they were the Paris terror attacks, legalization of gay marriage in the United States and the transformation of Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn.

Twitter published its annual analysis of top tweets, trends and hashtags last Sunday that defined the micro-blogging site in 2015. The sheer diversity of the topics talked about on Twitter in 2015 underscores the social network’s role as the first stop for people’s thirst for entertainment, news, politics, sports as well as gossip.

As usual Twitter remains the leading platform for getting breaking news, and where breaking news travel fastest; as people flock to Twitter to air out their thoughts, on trending topics in 140-character tidbits self-expression.

Twitter had even tried to elicit more user engagement on the platform when it launched the Moments feature hoping to spark more conversations and driving more traffic.

Top Tweets & Hashtags for the Year 2015

The following are what created the most buzz on Twitter this year:

#PrayForParis – Following the November terrorist attack in Paris, France. People across the world took to Twitter to show their solidarity to the victims of a series of terror attacks in Paris.

#BlackLivesMatter – This hashtag became quite popular and addressed the concerns over police brutality that seems to target the African-Americans in the US.

#MarriageEquality – This hashtag sprung up after the legalization of gay marriage in the United States and Ireland.

Most Retweeted Tweets: Among the most retweeted tweets for the year 2015 includes US President Barack Obama tweet endorsing the Supreme Court’s ruling that legalized gay marriage.

  The last message by the late Leonard Nimoy, who was an actor on Star Trek.  

The first message tweeted by formerly named Bruce Jenner, introducing herself as a woman named Caitlyn.

When it comes to the tech space, the most trending tech topics on Twitter this year was the revelation of Apple’s iPad and iPhone. Other big trending tech news includes the music app SoundCloud, Google’s Android mobile operating system and the live-video app Periscope.

Source >> C|net

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