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The UK Spied on South Africa. But Why?

by Felix Omondi
The UK Spied on South Africa. But Why?

A British watchdog has revealed the UK government communications headquarters had spied on South Africa’s Legal Resources Center. But it has yet to confirm either the reasons behind the spying on South Africa, or when exactly did the spying activities take place.

According to the investigatory powers tribunal, the UK spying was on both the SA’s legal resources center and Egypt’s initiative for personal rights. This allegation emerged when some organizations in London, filed a complaint leading to the investigations.

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Avani Singh from the legal resource center said the investigatory powers tribunal, tasked with investigating surveillance activities, found that the communications headquarters should be held accountable for breaching its own policies. By intercepting communications from the center. Singh also said that they have found no reasons to justify the spying.

We have no further information on whose communication was intercepted and reasons for why it happened.”

She called upon the South African government to come forth and help the center in establishing why the UK found reasons enough to warrant such an espionage.

Source >>The UK Spied on South Africa. But Why?

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