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The Ultimate Guide to Slingo: A Cross Between Slots and Bingo


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Fast becoming an incredibly popular online game, Slingo takes the best of slots and the best of bingo, combining them in a revolutionary format that has taken the gaming world by storm. In fact, if you consider yourself a ‘gamer’,  it’s highly likely that you’ve already seen a number of different Slingo games.

There are countless examples of online Slingo games available, the majority of which can be downloaded free of charge. So how has this hybrid game managed to gain so much popularity in a relatively short amount of time? What makes Slingo so different from other casino-style games?

For one, Slingo offers a fresh game concept in a sea of saturated video game genres. Second, it provides a level of user control that few other casino games can match. This combination of benefits has led to Slingo’s rising player base. If you want to learn more about the game, including how to play and what to do strategy-wise, read on below as we explore all that the world of Slingo has to offer.

What is Slingo?

Compared to regular games of bingo and slots, Slingo puts a lot more control in the hands of the player. Plus, it’s a fairly straightforward game, meaning that just about anyone can learn how to play.

The average game of Slingo uses a slots-style wheel of fortune, except the numbers are all relative to a 75-ball game of bingo. Instead of matching a row of symbols, you’re trying to match the spin result to a numbered grid limited to the 75 balls of bingo.

The player will typically receive a card with 20 numbers, with the goal being to match all the numbers on your card using a wheel spin that has a limited amount of uses. Most games offer an average of 20 spins, but some do have less or more than that.

Most Slingo games use a 5×4 grid, which gives a total of 20 numbers. Some use a 4×4 grid, but it’s rare to find a 3×3 or 6×6, for example. The other differentiator between different games of Slingo is the preallocated number of wheel spins.

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How to play Slingo

Let’s say you’ve chosen to play a game that has 20 spins and a 5×4 grid. The aim would be to get as many matching numbers as possible. You have 20 spins to reach your goal. The odds of that happening aren’t too bad at all; another reason why Slingo is becoming a regular pastime for many.

In Slingo, each completed row often provides a bonus, such as an extra spin or even a cash prize. The more of your card you’re able to mark off, the greater your chances of winning the biggest prize. It’s quite rare to complete a full card, but at the same time, it’s not exactly unheard of.

Some games add several modifiers to make the game a little more challenging or give players more incentive to keep playing. For example, many games will use a game-changing mechanic like a Joker, a Devil, or both.

Jokers usually allow you to tick off a random number on your card. In some Slingo variations, landing on three Jokers can even net you an instant cash prize. The Devil, on the other hand, tends to represent a failed spin, an unlucky roll of the dice that means you lose a spin.

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Winning strategies

From free spins to optimal Joker usage, there are several strategies you can use to maximize your chances of winning a game. It’s extremely important to remember that Slingo is still a game of chance, no matter how much control you have.

Matching rows and columns is the quickest way to get some good results. If you have bonus plays or a Joker in hand, for instance, fill out a row rather than aiming for another corner. Use any and all bonuses available to you, including perks like free daily spins and other timed rewards.

A key tip to remember? Be cautious when buying extra spins; it’s a common pitfall for new players but, with experience on your side, it can also be the difference between winning and losing. Avoid overspending on one round and use them only when absolutely necessary.

Multipliers, power-ups, and other bonuses are quite common in Slingo. Using them to your advantage can easily improve your chances of winning, as can the aforementioned free spins. Before you begin playing, make sure you know all the intricacies of the variation of Slingo you’ve chosen to play. With any luck, you’ll be onto your first winning streak in no time.

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