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The World of Modern Online Banking


Is it possible to open a business account within 72 hours and start working with it in Europe and Portugal? Can you imagine how to transfer money in one click and make other transactions as easy and fast? Actually, that is the perfect reality of the business account provided by the bank online.

If you would like to have such a business account, read this article and discover how to open a business account and manage it without any problems in real-time mode.

Bank Online: How to Create a Business Account

Bank online has recently become one of the most popular tools in Europe and in Portugal. No wonder, to open a business account, one does not need to go to the traditional bank, bring loads of documents, make copies, and then return again and again. Such bureaucracy is time-consuming and does not bring any benefits to the idea of business account creation.

Instead, today, there are online bank services or financial institutions like Genomewhere every businessperson can easily open a business account with a few clicks. For example, the Genome Account is created via the website of the institution according to the following procedure:

  1. Register and sign up for the system.
  2. Pass the verification procedure and prove your identity.
  3. Open a business account providing the data about your company and needed documents.

It was never easier to open a business account and start using it. Moreover, through the dedicated Genome Account, you can get special benefits.

Manager of the Business Account

Together with business and merchant online accounts, every merchant gets a personal manager for assistance. For example, you can ask about API integration or get info on how to transfer money, etc.

Options for payment and processing in your business account

When you open a business account, customers get the possibility to start a merchant account within Genome. So, their customers will be able to pay the business via traditional methods like MasterCard and Visa. In addition, in your online account, you can offer them alternative methods depending on the country or region.

Fraud protection and security of your business account

A bank online or another financial organization must prove that your money and sensitive data are going to be safe. Genome Account uses the Covery anti-fraud platform that provides risk management and protection from any suspicious activity.

Reports and analytics in your business account

The system generates multiple reports for merchants. Therefore, it gives a perfect chance to track and analyze all your transactions and respond if it is needed.

Open A Business Account and Discover Its Features

Bank online or another financial institution that you choose provides numerous advantages to your online account.

Multiple IBANs

You can open a business account, create several IBANs, and store and receive money in EUR, GBP, and USD. All these procedures are done in a few clicks. That is a huge benefit of the business account.

Favorable currency exchange

Generally, money can be stored in EUR, GBP, and USD. You can enjoy the 1% fee for the exchange.

Transfer money and create templates

Open a business account to send money with SEPA and SWIFT. Not only are international transactions possible – you can transfer money instantly inside the system between users, create templates, and schedule regular payments.

Using an instant payments financial platform could be useful if you frequently have to make quick payments to vendors or customers. You can meet tight deadlines more easily without worrying about payment processing time, and you can make customers happy by quickly processing refunds.

Shared access to your business account

When you open a business account, it can be managed by a team of employees you give access to it. The level of access can be different, but it will be much easier to manage the funds, especially when the company is growing.

Statements and analytics

Inside the online account for business and merchant services, you will get regular reports and in-depth performance analytics. That is an additional reason to open a business account and manage your project effectively.

Real-time notifications

Usually, a business account can be overseen both through the web browser version and via the application from your mobile phone. In this case, you will always be in touch and ready for a quick response. That will definitely contribute to the success of your company.

In a nutshell, we presented only the main features of business accounts. The advantages are numerous, which is the thing to try for everyone who values time and effort.

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