The Zach Grant offering $2,500 grant to bootstrapping women-led Entrepreneurship ventures

The Zach Grant offering $2,500 grant to bootstrapping women-led Entrepreneurship ventures

Fundera, an online marketplace for small businesses looking for financial solutions to scale their operations is offering the $2,500 in the Zach Grant to qualified entrepreneurs. Businesses founded or co-founded by female entrepreneurs are particularly encouraged to apply for consideration for the grant.

Though the grant is open to all entrepreneurs regardless of the gender, but it is an established fact that women face a lot more hurdles in their quest to venture into the corporate world. The Zach Grant is well aware of this fact and will give special consideration to all women-led businesses that apply for the grant.

The Zach Grant is an annual entrepreneurial grant that seeks to help budding entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The grant came about after the founder, Zach, who during the process of founding his chain of successful restaurant chain Fusian, could not secure a bank loan. That is when Fundera’s co-founder Jared Hecht set out to know why entrepreneurs behind small businesses rarely secure loan from institutions on money lending. Long story short, Hecht and Zach set out to start the Fundera. More on that at this link.

How to apply

To apply to the Zach Grant, you need to submit a three-minute video pitching your business or idea. The award will be given in check form and payable directly to the business. Follow the steps below to apply:

Go to their Facebook Page >> << and like the page.

Record your three-minute long video responding to the question below ‘Why did you start your own business?

After recording your video, go ahead to your YouTube channel and post it with the title ‘Fundera Zach Grant – Your Business

Next, email your video to using your business email

Lastly, post the video on your social media accounts

The winning applicant will be judged based on Quality, Originality, and Creativity.

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