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My Therapy – This Apps Reminds You To Take Your Meds, Tracks Your Vitals & Health

For a quick recovery, you should adhere to your medication instructions religiously, but it is easier said than done. I am talking about human errors (not involving the doctor) like forgetting to take your drugs at the intervals and times instructed by your doctor.

Some medication requires you to take the drugs a couple of times per day; sometimes it is after or before eating anything. It can be hard to keep track of the medication time especially when you are going about with your daily hassle and bustle.

My Therapy is the solution you need! This mobile app comes packed with medication reminders and health tracking system. This app will religiously remind you when to take your meds, tell you when to get active and keep a watchful monitor on your vitals.

How does My Therapy Work?

My Therapy translates your therapy in a simple to-do list. Whereby you get your daily goals; and you can check off the tasks one by one as you complete them.

This app also comes with a built-in health journal that gives you a summary of your medication intake among other health-related information.

Other features include:

Medication reminder (for all patients, all diseases, all meds)

Summary of blood pressure, blood sugar and more

Tracking your well-being and symptoms

Monthly health report

Friends and family can motivate you to take your meds

Positive effect on medication adherence scientifically proven by Charité Berlin

No registration needed

Data protection. The developer will not hand over individual-based information to 3rd

More information about this medical app, My Therapy can be found at You can also download the app for free from Google Play Store and App Store.

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