There are more Subscribers on Microsoft Office 365 than there are Spotify Premium and Amazon Prime combined

office 365

Microsoft is indeed a behemoth of a company, and it only take you looking at the nearest PC near you; it probably runs on Windows OS. However, it is still not quite easy for most people to appreciate the fact that the company is the most valued publicly traded company in the world.

That is because much of the company products and services are meant for enterprise consumers. Nonetheless, a recent tweet by a senior director at the company – Tren Griffin – gave the world (more specifically individual consumers) a grasp of just how mighty the old Microsoft has become.


Yes, that is right! Microsoft Office 365 has more paying customers than Spotify Premium (107 million) and Amazon Prime (101 million) combined. According to Tren Griffin’s tweet above, Office 365 has 217 million paying users.

When you sieve Griffin’s number, you find out that of these subscribers, the majority are enterprise consumers. Though there are 34.2 million consumers paying the monthly $10 fee to access Office at home.

With Office 365, the home consumers get access to more Office apps than they probably need, more cloud storage space than most people could exhaust, and six licenses that they can distribute to family members.

Microsoft business model of changing Office apps from being purchasable on a perpetual license to packaging it as a subscription service seems to have paid off big.

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