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There’s an AI News Presenter reading news on TV in China

by Felix Omondi
china xinhua news agency

Xinhua News, a China’s state news agency has launched a virtual newsreader to read the news. The AI appears wearing a sharp suit with incredibly human-like appearance, but what gives it away is the robotic voice.

The news agency claims the AI presenter “can read text as naturally as a professional news anchor,” but I doubt everyone would agree with that. Especially when you consider the very robotic voice the presenter is reading the news.

Xinhua News partnered with Chinese search engine Sago in developing the AI news presenter. The presenter narrates the news in both English and Chinese, but the two have two distinct faces.

AI will kill human labor for journalism and TV presentation industry

As owners and managers of media houses, there is no doubt this development is welcome. As it means you don’t have to pay human presenters to read the news. The presenters are also always on duty, diligently reading the news around the clock.

You can also change the presenter’s outlook, gender, race, assent and anything else at the click of a button. Media houses will reduce their production costs by a huge margin. The AI presenter is reliable and will always be on time to read the news. Unlike human presenters who may fall ill, need to take leave, or take a rest.

In an introductory video (embedded below) the AI starts off by saying, “Hello, you are watching English news program.” That is the English-speaking AI News presenter. It then goes ahead to say, “I will work tirelessly to keep you informed as texts will be typed into my system uninterrupted… I look forward to bringing you the brand new news experiences.”

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