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These Are the Most Common Bicycle Accident Injuries


Your mom made you wear a helmet every time you got onto a bike as a kid… but do you really need to wear something like that now?

Falling off a bike might not seem that dangerous, but when you ride your bike through town, you’re at risk of getting into other types of accidents. For example, if a car hits you, you can sustain some serious injuries. 

So in short, the answer is yes. Wearing a helmet can help protect during a bicycle accident, but it depends on the severity of the crash. We’ve put together this guide to show you some of the most common injuries you can get from a bicycle accident. 

So let’s get started. 

Types of Injuries You Can Expect After a Bicycle Accident 

Your bicycle doesn’t give you a lot of protection, so if you get hit by a car, you can get some serious injuries. However, if you’re wearing a helmet and other gear (or if the accident wasn’t major), you may escape with only a few small scrapes. 

It’s important to give yourself a “medical check” after getting into this type of accident to gauge how serious your injuries are. Check your body for any cuts or bruises or breaks to the best of your ability, and if you need it, get medical help right away. 

Here are a few common injuries you should look for after an accident.


Road rash 





Broken bones (limbs, ribs, or facial) 

Sprains and strains 

Tooth loss or breaks 




Skull fracture 

Cranial hemorrhage


Of course, these are just a few of the injuries you can sustain from a bicycle accident. You may end up with different injuries that are more or less serious. That’s why it’s important to go to the hospital or visit your doctor after any type of accident (no matter how small). 

Bicycle Accidents Don’t Just Cause Physical Injuries 

Getting hit by a car while riding a bike doesn’t just give you physical wounds. You can also suffer from emotional trauma after this type of accident. 

These types of injuries are sometimes harder to spot (you might not notice them at first), and they often take more time to heal. Some of the most common emotional conditions include things like: 

Post-traumatic stress disorder





In many cases, bicyclists might be hesitant or too afraid to get back on their bike again after getting hit. These emotional injuries can spill over into other areas of life, making it harder to get through the day or perform well at work. 

Don’t ignore this type of wound. 

While you might not be bleeding out or dealing with physical pain, emotional trauma also needs appropriate treatment. Otherwise, it can get much worse and become difficult to get over yourself. 

Why You Should Always Get Medical Attention After a Bicycle Accident 

You should always get medical help as soon as you can after the accident. This is important—it’s not something you should skip because your injuries “aren’t that bad”. No matter how minor your injuries seem, going to the hospital or to the doctor should be your first priority. 


First of all, you’ll want to provide proof of your injuries to the insurance companies so you can get proper compensation. If you plan to take the driver to court, medical records can serve as evidence and help you win your case. Getting medical help gives you documentation that you did, in fact, get hurt during this accident and explains the extent of your wounds. 

More importantly, your body will be full of adrenaline after the accident. Because of this, you may not notice the injuries you have—or at least not their severity. It may take a day or two for you to feel the full pain of your injuries, so it’s better to get any necessary treatment before your condition gets any worse. 

On top of that, you may have hidden injuries you aren’t even aware of. Internal bleeding can be hard to spot, and it can also be extremely dangerous if you don’t take care of it on time. 

Getting medical help will catch any injury you have and give you the best and fastest way to recover. 

When to Hire a Bicycle Accident Attorney 

If you sustained any type of injury during a bicycle accident, you should talk to a bicycle accident attorney. They’ll be able to help you work with the insurance companies and get the most compensation possible. They’ll also take care of the hard work for you so you can focus your attention on healing. 

Trying to deal with the aftermath of an accident or, even worse, a court case while you’re injured isn’t easy. An attorney will take some of the weight off your shoulders, which lets you relax. 

Again, don’t ignore this. 

You might think you can handle your case on your own if it’s small, but the process can be complicated even for minor accidents. An attorney will ensure you’re doing the right steps and not making any mistakes along the way. 

Recovering From These Bicycle Accident Injuries 

When it comes to the recovery process, make sure you follow your doctor’s recommendations. Don’t try to get back into the normal flow of life too fast. Otherwise, you could end up making your injuries worse. 

Do you want to learn some other legal tips about a bicycle accident or car accidents?

We’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to take a look at the rest of our blog today! 

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