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Thinking of buying an iPad? Reasons why you should get the basic iPad instead of the costly iPad Pro

by Felix Omondi
iPad pro

When talking about Apple tablets, there are currently just four latest iPad models to speak of; the iPad Mini 4, the iPad, and two versions of iPad Pro. Now, I am thinking you are not for the ‘mini’ form factor as most people would probably choose between the 9.7-inch iPad and the other two iPad Pro models.

In this article, we are going to explore reasons why you should get the basic iPad (the 9.7-inch model) instead of the costly two versions of the iPad Pro.ipad pro

#1 – Price

Needless to say, the first consideration for most people will be the price.

7-inch iPad ($329-$559)

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro ($649-$1,129)

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro ($799-$1,279)

As you can see from the price breakdown listed above, you can get the basic iPad at almost half the price of the iPad Pro. If you are working on a tight budget, you will probably go for the basic iPad Pro. Here comes the interesting thing, the basic iPad looks just as appealing as the iPad Pro.

When you consider the fact that the iPad Pro prices start getting into the laptop territory, one would think it makes more sense to get the basic iPad and a laptop. Though that is totally up to your personal preference.

#2 – The iPad Pro comes with new Display Technology, but the basic iPad Display is still impressive

When it comes to the display quality, the iPad Pro comes with the new Apple ProMotion technology. That is a 120Hz refresh rate, which makes everything on the screen look smoothers, webpages scroll better, and video watching experience richer. The same feature makes using the Apple Pencil feel like you’re writing on real paper.

On the other hand, the basic iPad still comes with just as great Apple Pencil writing experience. The same can be said about browsing through webpages and watching videos. The damn thing has the Retina display technology! The only time you will notice the supremacy of the iPad Pro over the basic iPad because of the latter’s ProMotion, is when you are holding the two devices side-by-side.

#3 – The 9.7-inch Display is still the ideal size for a tablet

Apple’s first iPad back in 2010 was a 9.7-inch display, and the company has mostly stuck to producing tablets that size except for the iPad Mini and the iPad Pro. The same can be said about other OEMs producing tablets.

The reason why 9.7-inch is so popular is because that is the size most people are comfortable holding. A tablet, in its very essence, is a device one uses while holding. While a smaller display can be more comfortable to hold, it might make things feel somewhat small, and a higher than 9.7-inch display should be better, but it makes thinks somewhat cumbersome when holding.

That said, most users find the 9.7-inch basic iPad more convenient for moving around and holding compared to the iPad Pro with its 12.9-inch and 10.5-inch variants.

#5 – iPad Pro has better camera with 4K video shooting, but the basic iPad is still great

When it comes to video recording, the iPad Pro beats the basic iPad hands down. As it can record 4K videos while the latter records 240 frames per second. Then again, why would you be filming using a tablet, is that what smartphones are for? It is embarrassing being seen filming with a tablet.

#6 – The iPad Pro has better FaceTime camera, but the basic iPad still gives you HD quality

When it comes to FaceTime time, iPad Pro gives you 1080 HD, while most iPad give you at least 720p HD. You will only feel like you need 1080 HD if you film yourself FaceTiming or want to record your chats.

#7 – Whether the basic iPad or the iPad Pro, you’re still getting the same iOS experience

Apple does not have any special features for the iOS running in iPad Pro that is not available on the basic iPad. Owners of both tablets get the same ecosystem, the same App Store, and the same updates from Apple.

It is interesting to note that both tablets support the Apple Pencil. The only notable difference between the iPad Pro and the basic iPad is that the former support multitasking where you can use three apps simultaneously.

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