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This App Searches the Best Podcasts for You Around the Web

by Fahad Saleem

The popularity of podcasts is burgeoning around the world swiftly. According to a survey, over 10 million new podcast listeners are expected to flock into this useful new kind of media, thanks to the increasing awareness and hunger of productivity and spend time usefully. But finding the best podcasts according to your interest remains and issue. A new called RadioPublic is here to solve this problem. RadioPublic is based on the idea of putting the best podcasts in front of the users. You can find amazing podcasts from around the web within this app.

RadioPublic’s main focus is on the curation. It makes playlists based on the top and trending podcasts on a specific topic, as curated by the leading people in the industry, as well as the administrators and algorithms of the app. Every other person is publishing podcasts of websites daily. It is really hard to dig out the quality in this haystack. But RadioPublic’s smart architecture solves this issue.

search-podcasts-1 pod4

RadioPublic’s algorithm is pretty smart, and recommends and suggest podcasts based on your interests, situations and the type of podcasts you have already listened to. The app greets you based on the time of the day. It even takes into account the kind of environment where the user is listening to the podcast.

pod2 pod1 pod3

Podcast Librarian is an amazing feature of this app that really make it stand out amongst its competitors. When you click the podcast librarian button, you are asked to select your interest, for example, games, books, politics, history etc. As soon as you select the interest, the request is entertained by a real person, who then sends you a list of the best, handpicked podcasts according to your interest.

Currently, RadioPublic uses the ZenDesk platform to relay these kind of requests which involve the human aspect.

There is a plenty of room for improvement in this app. The RSS model has given a lot of flexibility in the app which could be exploited in the long term to expand the app.

Check out RadioPublic website and apps for Android and iPhone here.

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