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This Free Tweak Lets you use Multiple Instagram Accounts on iPhone

by Fahad Saleem

Instagram is one quickly making its way to become the world’s most popular social media services around the world. The active monthly users of Instagram have crossed the one billion mark. There are some features which are desperately wanted by Instagram users, but the company is still not ready to roll them out. One of such features is using multiple Instagram accounts on a single device. People want to quickly switch the multiple Instagram accounts on iPhone, just like we do in Gmail. While there is no official way to do this trick yet, iPhone users will be happy to know that there is a new Cydia tweak in town which not only lets you use multiple Instragram accounts in your iPhone, but also allows you to do a lot more things on Instagam. This tweak is called igSpeedster.

Use Multiple Instagram Accounts on iPhone

Here’s what you can do using igSpeedster tweak on your iPhone.

Add/use multiple Instagram accounts in your iPhone at a time.

You can copy the caption text of others’ posts using this tweak. Keep in mind that this feature is not possible using the official app. There are a myriad of images having interesting captions, which you can copy them to repost.

igSpeedster allows you to repost in the app and click on the links to directly open them.

instagram multiple accounts 1 instagram mutliple accounts 2

The above mentioned tweak are provided in the igSpeedster, which makes it the best one-stop package for all the Instagram users.

You can also clean up the clutter on Instagram feed using this tweak. You can change the Instagram feed from normal to grid view. You can remove timestamps, user names, likes and other details from the posts of other users.

instragram mutliple accounts 3

The best part is that igSpeedster is free, and you can download it from the BigBoss repo.


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