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This Is How to Transfer Videos From iPhone to Mac


A recent survey found that the average American household contains at least two Apple products. In many cases, those products are an iPhone and a Mac.

While Apple prides itself on creating user-friendly products, they certainly come with a learning curve. If you’re coming from an Android or PC, you’ll find Apple’s interface a little unfamiliar at first.

We’re going to address one of the topics we often see floating around online: how to transfer videos from iPhone to Mac laptops or desktops.

There are three different methods we’ll discuss. One is hard-wired and two are wireless. Read on to find out more!

Why Learn How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Mac? 

As iPhones have advanced, its camera technology has reached a professional level. The photos and videos you can take with this little handheld device come out crystal clear and high definition. The question is, what do you do with them after you take them?

Unfortunately, all phones have limited storage space. Unless you purchase more cloud storage, you’ll eventually need to put your videos and other content somewhere else. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a pop-up message preventing you from taking more great photos and videos because you’re out of storage.

Plus, if you do own both an iPhone and a Mac, you’ve got another great gem to work with: iMovie. You’ll find that when you learn how to use iMovie on a Mac, you’ll open up tons of editing opportunities to take your videographer skills to the next level.

Now, let’s take a look at the three available methods for transferring video from iPhone to Mac products.

Move Video from iPhone to Mac Using the Hard-Wired Method

First, make sure that the iTunes software on your Mac is up to date. Apple tends to take care of these updates internally, but every once in a while you may need to prompt the update to begin manually. 

You will also need a cord that has a USB adapter on one end and the iPhone charging adapter on the other. Not sure where to find one?

Head for your iPhone charger and unplug the cord from the cube adapter that fits into your wall outlet. Now you’ve got one side that ends in a USB adapter!

Plug your iPhone into your Mac’s USB outlet and click “Trust This Computer” on your iPhone’s screen. Now, the Photos app on your Mac should pop open but if it doesn’t, look to the left sidebar on your iTunes and open Devices. Select your iPhone and there, you’ll see your photos and videos in the Import screen.

In the upper right corner of the Import screen, you have two options. You can either import all of your photos and videos or you can go through and select just your videos and click “Import selected.” Now, you will be able to find these videos in your Mac’s Photo Library.

Transfer Videos from iPhone to Mac with AirDrop

Although this is a wireless method, you need to be in close range to your Mac for the AirDrop function to work.

Open your Photos app on your iPhone and select “Albums” along the bottom. Scroll down until you see “Media Types” and select the Videos folder. Now, hit “Select” in the upper right-hand corner and then “Select All” if you want to transfer all of your videos.

Once you’ve selected the videos of your choosing, click the sharing option in the bottom left-hand corner. Below a grid of your videos, you will see the AirDrop icon. As long as you are close enough to your Mac, that AirDrop icon should soon be replaced by the name of your computer.

Tap the name of your computer on your iPhone. On your Mac, you will get a prompt asking you to approve the transfer. Say that you approve it and within a matter of minutes, your videos will be available in your Photos app on your Mac.

Import Videos to Mac from iPhone with the Cloud

As long as you have two Apple devices, the Apple Cloud will come in quite handy.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and click on your name at the top of the menu. Next, click on the iCloud option and then tap “Photos.” Next to the words “iCloud Photos,” you will see a toggle button that needs to be showing green to indicate that it’s on. 

Now, go to System Preferences on your Mac, select the iCloud icon, and log in with your Apple ID. Once you are logged in, you’ll see a menu and you want to check the box next to “Photos.” This will allow you to access everything in your iPhone photo library, including your videos, from your Mac.

Note that if you’re running out of Cloud storage space, you may be better off using one of the other methods listed above. That way, you can free up your Cloud without failing to back up your videos somewhere else. 

Maximize Your iPhone Ca€mera Use

If you want to make the most of that high-quality iPhone camera, learn how to transfer videos from iPhone to Mac or any other computer you may have. It’s important to back up your content and free up your phone’s storage. Plus, you can unlock fun editing opportunities by transferring your photos and videos to your computer!

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