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This is How you Unlock the Dark Iron Dwarves Allied Race in WoW


There are numerous allied races in Shadowlands. Each of these races takes time and sometimes becomes confusing too. Also, if players want to unlock these, they have to go through old content again. These races have been defined in the past of WoW, that is why, players have to reexplore these areas.

Dark Iron Dwarves is one such race, which we will mention today and guide you to utilize it.

Unlocking Dark Iron Dwarves

Any player must fulfill two steps as a mandatory requirement. First players become victorious in the Alliance war campaign. Next, comes the recruitment quests which unlock at level 50+.

Also, this whole order should be achived exaclty it is. To get on with war campaign, having level 35 is a must. This includes a journey to Boralus Harbor in the Kul Tiras.

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Those who have already visited this zone should access Boralus portal. This is achieved when you are at the Mage Quarter tower. You will find the mission named “The Tides of War in Stormwind’s Trade District.”

Those who are from Horde, Horde war campaign is the mission for them which needs level 35. The journey to Kul Tiras needs you at docks in Dazar’alor, where a portal is available. If no portal is there, this means you haven’t accomplished the Mission Statement quest.

The War Campaign

First players go through War Campaign, which needs Level 35. By acheiving level 50, some more stories can be unlocked; however, it totally depends upon you.

To begin with, lead your way to Boralus Harbor and get the boat. You will see a sign in orange color. By interacting with this sign, your campaign will begin.Three footholds must be set; the first two can be done using level 35, and the final one needs level 40.

Campaign Storylines – Level 50+

This is the next part that is possible to achieve after three footholds. To proceed further, level 50 is a must. It starts with the Overseas Assassination quest. You will see the same boat as before.

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Those who can’t see this quest have to own The Heart of Azeroth first. This necklace will open further routes for the players. Go through the Dying World quest chain by being at Boralus Harbor for which level 50 is the requirement.

If you still don’t see it, Earthen Guardian, who resides near the Scrap-o-Matic machine, is the alternative. Go through the Ready for War which is allowed once the player has the necklace.

Dwarf Recruitment Questline

Once it’s done, it’s time to begin with the Dwarf recruitment questline!

BlackRock Depths is your first task for which players should reach the Stormwind Embassy. This is only possible by taking yourself to level 50+ in Alliance. The battle is almost done; keep following the chain and keep traveling. You will go through many objectives and carry on with your path. You will see that these are six quests in total, including gold dungeons. To skip these, talk to the quest giver and save your time.

Once this chain is completed, you are ready to create your very own Dark Iron Dwarf.

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