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This Is My TrupprRUN Story

This Is My TrupprRUN Story

The TrupprRUN is a monthly 5k Run organized by Truppr and taking place in 11 cities around Nigeria. Truppr is a social app that connects YOU to people and fitness events around you so that regular exercise becomes a lifestyle.

Why should you care? Well, this particular brand of “social fitness” makes it easier to start and stick with a fitness regime. In the words of one of their users who lost a total of 28kg since her first TrupprRUN:

I’m Bukky Oshodi Gbadamosi a proud Truppr user and this is my story:

I have always been on the chubby side – I remember in secondary school, my friends would call me ‘Michelin’ (You remember the Michelin tyre ‘Yokozuna man picture’?) But when I got to University and Law School, I lost so much weight without even trying that my dad actually went to report to a medical aunt of mine that I was ill. Effortlessly and unconsciously, I maintained this till marriage.

And then, the kids started coming. I have had 3, all boys. Somehow, I shot up to 100kg (220lbs) at 5’7” (170cm) after having my son in September 2013. I couldn’t believe it! There and then, I decided to fix me. So 6 months post-natal, I began my journey.This Is My TrupprRUN Story

I had my first Truppr run on the first of March, 2014 and it was such great fun. I thought I would “die” but I came out very okay. I fell in love with running. As at June-July 2014, I had lost a remarkable amount of weight. I felt confident and proud of me and cool with comments from people. I have been on this road till this moment. I am 72kg now (about 158lbs). I am loving learning to play tennis and taking up swimming soonest. At some point, eating became boring and waking up early to work out before getting us set for the day was HARD, somehow, sleep gets sweeter in the early hours, but soon enough, I overcame that because I really wanted the change. I remember someone close to me saying I couldn’t do it. That hurt and I just knew I had to push me. He apologized later.

This Is My TrupprRUN Story

I had to reduce my running because my hubby is a man who wants some flesh (LOL) and I just feel I am at a good place now but I make sure to do a reasonable amount of steps taken daily. People still ask me what pill I used, or use, etc. I advise them not to venture into that. The only thing I ‘take’ is my green tea with lemon/lime. It’s always better to do it the hard and permanent way rather than adopting some ‘short cut’. To me, you won’t appreciate the whole effort, dedication, sacrifices, fun and plateau of losing weight.This Is My TrupprRUN Story

The TrupprRUN just may be the Run that sets you on a journey to attaining a personal goal. Fall in love with running – like countless others have – at the next TrupprRUN taking place on June 20th, 2015. Maybe you too will have a story to tell in a few months! Sign up here at

Free performance T-shirts available for first timers too… Now you really have no excuse!

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