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This Smartwatch Looks Exactly Like a Classic Mechanical Watch But Has Amazing Features

by Fahad Saleem

We see new smartwatches almost every day. From Apple Watch to Samsung’s smartwatches, there is no shortage of smart watches with tech features in them. But there is a problem in the smart watch industry which hasn’t been addressed much: people want a watch on their wrist which looks like a classic watch, with all the looks of the timepiece and grace; we don’t watch another ridiculous tech gadget on our wrists, we already have had enough of them. While Motorola and Tag Heuer have made smart watches that pack amazing looks of the classic smartwatches with tech features, there is a new, relatively less known watchmaker in the town which has launched an amazing smartwatches that is built on a unique idea: the dial and main frame of the watch is to look like a totally classic smart watch, whereas all the tech features are packed in the strap of band.

Grayton’s Origin smartwatch has a mechanical dial which looks beautiful and sleek. However, its band and strap is smart. This watch can track all the health and fitness activity, control music using a button that is hidden in the band, and vibrate to signal notifications. The band charges through a concealed USB port hidden at the end of the strap.



There are several watches in the market with the same idea, that is, to give all the connected features in the strap and leaving the main part for the looks of a classic time piece. However Origin’s band is not available as a standalone strap or band. However, the best part is that you can always go to a watch expert and have the band detached and use with some other watch you like. That’s because all the features are packed in the band and it has nothing to do with the main time piece. This way, you can wear any watch you want and yet track your activity. In other words, every watch can become a smart watch this this 20mm wide band.

grayton-smartwathc-2 watch

The Origin’s band connects to an Android or iOS device via a Grayton app.

The Origin has a great design and mechanical automatic movement. The company has used a sapphire-coated glass crystal in the watch. It’s a crowdfunding Indiegogo project so you can pre-order the product for about $149 and the item will be shipped in May 2017.


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