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TiddlyBot – The Simple Little Funbot That Promises To Spark Youths’ Interest In Technology

by Felix Omondi

TiddlyBot – The Simple Little Funbot That Promises To Spark Youths’ Interest In Technology

Technology plays a key role in the development of any country; with technology comes higher productivity and efficiency. The value of technology education cannot be underscored enough in the economic development of any nation. It is also true that the future economic boom of any nation depends on today’s youths being well equipped with the right education and skills to drive these technological developments.

However, it is emerging that the number of youths pursuing education or a career in fields related to technology is far from what is expected. This can be attributed to various factors ranging from the perception that technology education is hard, meant for geeks, is plain-out boring and in terms of gender; technology is a field meant for boys. These perceptions have got to be erased, for any nation to fully utilize the full potential their youths have in terms of technological development.

A team of designers, engineers and coders working as a group dubbed Agilic, based in San Francisco, California. Have been running workshops, to teach youths about technology and basic programming for two years now. Over that time, they’ve discovered that by incorporating robotics into their lessons they can get more youths to become interested in learning technology and basic programming. The robotics they have been using have been developed based on the Raspberry Pi technology.

While the Raspberry Pi technology has shown great potential in getting more youths interested in technology, it still needs a lot more contents and applications in order to spark a greater interest in the youths. Thus, the team have developed a robot called the Tiddlybot; a robot that runs on the Raspberry Pi technology. Users can control the Tiddlybot from their smartphone, tablet or PC as well program the robot using the Blockly Interface created by the group.

The group needs your support in order to avail this innovative teaching material to the youth. The cost of production of the Tiddlybot is out of reach for the group, but they need the Tiddlybot in order to reach out to more youths and get them more interested in learning technology and programming.

They have launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter with a set target of $27,000. They have only 26 days left to go, and your contributions, from as low as $1 can take them a long way towards achieving their goal. To give your financial contributions or share their story with your friends, follow this link.

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