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Tilting the Scales: 6 Reasons to Have Your Own Customized Web App Developed


Almost every business today uses at least a few pieces of software, but not always as productively and efficiently as possible. One of the best ways to make better use of technology is to have a customized app created.

Modern web-based applications provide high levels of functionality while keeping development and maintenance costs down. There are many good reasons to consider having a customized app developed for a business, with the six that follow being some of the best.

1. Customized Web Apps are Cost-Effective

Relying on a piece of software that does not suit a given business well will always be costly. A poor fit with business requirements and processes will add to the actual cost of ownership with every session.

In the past, customized app development was sometimes considered the sort of indulgence that only large companies with lots of resources could justify. Modern web-based apps that leverage freely available libraries and other resources can be some of the most cost-effective investments of all.

Companies like NetStride make cost control a core part of the app development process. This ensures that their clients will always end up enjoying benefits whose combined value greatly exceeds the required investment.

2. Web Apps Can Scale to Accommodate Growth

Whether for startups or established businesses, accommodating growth can be challenging. Commissioning a customized piece of software that later holds a company back will always end up looking like a mistake, in hindsight.

Some types of applications scale more easily and gracefully than others. Cloud-hosted, web-based apps can be designed to leverage commodity-style infrastructure to enable any desired level of scaling. That will allow a business to grow without worrying about whether its software systems can keep up.

3. Customization Means Improved Integration

The most common reason to look into the development of a customized app is a desire for new, specialized types of functionality. An app that has been customized to suit a business’s needs can just as well integrate especially smoothly with existing, shrink-wrapped systems.

That will mean doing away with disruption and friction that used to hold a business back. Benefits of this general kind can almost always be realized quite easily.

4. It is Often the Best Way to Modernize

Dated, outmoded systems keep many companies from achieving their goals. Having a customized web app developed often ends up being the best and most direct way to overcome such problems for good.

A new web app will almost necessarily reflect today’s best practices. That alone can make such a system a lot more productive and efficient than older ones.

5. Many Web Apps Require Little or No Maintenance

Some software systems used by many businesses are notorious for needing to be overseen and maintained without fail. That will rarely serve a business well, with the associated costs and hassles always detracting from the overall value of the application.

Web-based applications are normally designed to be nearly maintenance-free. The developer of a customized web app will often handle all the required updates behind the scenes, making things a lot easier for users.

6. Customized Web Apps Open Up Valuable New Options

The bespoke features that a customized web app provides can easily make up for the price of admission. Many web apps end up providing a lot more to companies that commission them.

Responsive design, for instance, allows web apps to function perfectly on devices of all kinds. Without any additional investment, having a web app made can mean being able to use it with anything from a smartphone to a desktop computer.

These are six of the best reasons to consider having a customized, web app developed for a business. There are quite a few others that regularly end up being relevant and significant in particular cases.

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