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Time to Move On: 3 Surefire Signs Your Marriage Is Over


The average American marriage only lasts for around eight years.

For many divorced couples, their marriage was basically over before it began. But then why do some of these marriages still last several years before divorce proceedings even begin? That’s because it’s hard to accept that your marriage is truly over — no one wants to give up on love. 

Keep reading to discover the most obvious signs that your marriage is over. 

1. Abuse Is Present

One of the more obvious signs your marriage is over is if there is abuse present in the relationship. 

Abuse in a relationship doesn’t have to be physical. In fact, there are many different types of divorce, including emotional abuse, financial abuse, and sexual abuse. 

Emotional abuse is present when someone constantly talks negatively about or to their partner, such as making them feel stupid or worthless. Financial abuse is when one person has all control of the money, such as your partner refusing to let you have access to the bank account. And sexual abuse can occur when a partner pressures you into performing sexual acts against your will. 

If you are a victim of domestic abuse of any type, reach out for help and immediately remove yourself from the household. 

2. Physical Attraction Is Long Gone

While physical attraction isn’t the most important aspect of a marriage, you should be attracted to your husband or wife. 

It’s normal for sexual attraction to vary based on life events and stressors. But if this loss of attraction lasts for several months or years, then there is a deeper problem in the relationship.

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Many times, couples can work on increasing their physical attraction to one another through counseling. If you’ve tried these routes and the spark still isn’t’ there, it’s time to separate yourself. Ignoring this issue can lead to infidelity, which can hurt your loved one even more. 

3. You Constantly Consider Leaving

If you find yourself constantly asking, “Is my marriage over?”, then the odds are that yes, your marriage is over. 

In a healthy, loving relationship, the thought of divorce or leaving your significant other should rarely cross your mind. This doesn’t mean you’ll never yearn for your single life or wish for alone time — these thoughts are normal. But if you think about the possibility of divorce daily or even weekly, this isn’t healthy. 

Keep track of what is happening in your life when these thoughts come to mind. Monitor how often you think about leaving your significant other. If you see a pattern start to appear, it’s time to contact a divorce attorney

Your Life Isn’t Over If Your Marriage Is Over

It’s hard to accept that your marriage is over, but if you recognize any of the points in this article, it’s time to move on. 

If any type of abuse is present, you need to contact a lawyer and remove yourself from the household immediately. If you are no longer physically attracted to your partner or constantly consider leaving them, these are also signs that you should start divorce proceedings. 

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