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Tips for More Likes and Follows with Good Instagram Captions


Instagram is fun until you post a photo and find that only few followers hit like on it. And then you start wondering why other users who post similar photos get loads of like and new followers. There’s nothing wrong with the photo, it’s the caption that you should keep in mind. Good Instagram captions make a great change on how people respond to your posts.

Wonderful photos without relatable captions won’t make your followers stop to read it. On the other hand, great captions will make users stay longer to read and catch your message. There is an art to craft Instagram captions to attract more likes and follows. Keep scrolling through the page for IG caption writing tips and inspirations!

Brilliant Tips to Write Perfect Instagram Captions

Writing Instagram captions can be a real struggle.  To deliver a compelling caption is challenging because you have to figure out the right mood whether it is funny, inspirational or serious. Good consideration is needed, whether you have to use hashtags, emoji or call-to-action. There is also an urge to maintain your personal branding so you can stand out among other users.

If you need a help to write great Instagram captions, here are brilliant tips to solve your problem:

Catchy first line

The first line takes all. Most users scroll, read the first line and keep scrolling when it’s not enticing. Making your first part of caption engaging and intriguing is a key to make people stay longer to view your posts.

You can draw followers’ curiosity with an attention-grabbing statement, emotional-triggering sentence, and punchy element. Whichever you choose, make sure the first line of caption is catchy.

Brief is fine

A good Instagram caption is not always long and full of words. It is okay to craft a brief caption but make sure it covers the entire message you want to deliver. Write the main focus of your photo and let the curious followers leave their comments.

Recheck your captions before posting

Make time to recheck your captions and read from the followers’ point of view. Multiple edits are normal for a great caption writing to make sure it is well-written without typos or grammatical errors. It’s also important to cut out unnecessary words to keep it concise.

Use hashtags wisely

You may be tempted to use many hashtags on every post. Tags are great as it allows users from around the globe to view your posts but you need to use it wisely. Make sure the hashtags are relevant to your posts. Avoid using too many tags as they make your post difficult to read.

Be interactive with questions

Posing a question makes your Instagram caption more interactive. It can be open-ended questions, skill-testing question or general question. Your followers will be encouraged to leave comments to answer it.

Good Instagram Captions for Every Post

Are you looking for inspiring captions for every Instagram post? When you need to post a photo but don’t have any idea to write the captions, you’ve come to the right place. The following good Instagram caption come in handy to upgrade your posts. Check this out!

1. Good captions for funny moment

Funny posts let you share happiness. Whether it is funny photos or videos, it brings laughter to your followers. Make your funny posts perfect with following captions:

Being adult is a trap!

Keep calm and eat ice cream

If people say money can’t buy happiness, they simply don’t know how to spend it

Do you know a place with the strongest gravity? It’s my bed.

What is the most horrible zone on Earth? Friend-zone

I scream for ICE CREAM

When life gives you lemon, throw it back and say you want an apple.

2. Good inspirational captions

Inspire your followers through inspirational photos and captions. It does not have to be long since a short and concise statement can give a strong effect to other people. Just make sure to understand your target and audience. Check out the following inspirational quotes for your Instagram posts:

Every big thing comes from small thing.

Every journey begins with the first step. But make sure your first step is right.

What is life without a little challenge? Face and conquer it.

Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Book is the window of the world. When you stop reading it, you shut the window.

When problem comes, live it, enjoy it and solve it.

Slowing down your pace is fine. Just make sure you don’t stop.

3. Good wedding captions

Wedding is the best moment for everyone. This is the beginning of a new life where you have someone to share sadness and happiness. If you want to share your wedding moments with Instagram friends, make it more attractive with the following captions:

  • I did not give up on you and will never give up on us.
  • Marriage is not an end, it’s a beginning. And I’m happy to begin a new stage of life with you.
  • I’m the bravest man in the world. Do you know why? I snatched you from your father.
  • The strongest knot in the world is marriage. And the highest happiness is the happiness of having you.
  • So, it seems to be our new adventure. Hang on tight!
  • I’ll be your sailor, you’ll be my navigator.
  • Thanks for finding me. Thanks for saving me from loneliness. Thanks for everything.

4. Good holiday captions

When holiday comes, it’s time to make your followers envy with wonderful photos and captions. There are many things to write for holiday captions, as long as it represents your holiday vibes. If you don’t know what to write, check the following holiday captions:

Get a daily dose of Vitamin Sea.

Holiday (n) = an escape from boring routine and toxic people

Why would you want to stay home while you can travel the world?

Just a little human in a big world!

Enjoying the scenery while my furious boss isn’t here.

Don’t tell me to stay. I will travel far away. Pursuing my dream, chasing my happiness. Happy sanity day!

Happy holiday! Which place do you want to visit the most?

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