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Tips for Safe Travel this Season

Tips for Safe Travel this Season

To most of us, a Christmas season often equals traveling. Most of us will be heading home soon, while some will probably make a decision to travel upcountry. The festive season causes a lot of hassle, but once we decide to get on the road or plane to go somewhere, we should never forget about some basic safety tips. Here are some best practices from our travel experts at

Tips for Safe Travel this SeasonThe Maji Beach Boutique Hotel, source

Tip #1: Plan your route in advance

Does not matter if you are traveling somewhere distant or not. Festive season usually comes with lots of traffic on the roads. Especially in the area of Mombasa and Diani where, both tourists and locals, are flocking in their numbers to the coast. Planning your route in advance may help you avoid traffic and get to your destination point safely. You can make use of route optimizations apps as well. Between Apple Maps vs Badger Mapping, both have very helpful features so it would be better to try it yourself. If you decide to take public transport, buying your ticket in advance will also allow you to save some money and time that would have been spent in last-minute queuing.

Tip #2: Keep your money safe

The festive season is a time when pickpockets are especially active. Make sure you keep all your money and valuables safe in a place where no one can access them easily. One effective practice is not to keep all your cash in one place, but rather have it hidden in various places.

Tip #3: Get yourself a luggage with a lock

As technology moves forward, various travel brands offer suitcases that can be locked with a key or PIN that’s only known to you. This trick can be especially useful while traveling on public transport with a need to keep your belongings untouched by a random stranger.

Tip #4: Keep your documents safe

One of the best tips you’ll ever hear before setting off is to scan and save your documents on your e-mail. In an emergency case, when your belongings get lost or stolen, you can always access your personal e-mail and restore them temporarily. This could be especially useful while traveling abroad when you need your passport always with you.

Tip #5: Get yourself  travel insurance

Does not matter if you travel abroad or within the country. Forewarned is forearmed. Get yourself a proper travel insurance to cover you in case of emergency.

Tip #6: Book your accommodation in advance

As mentioned before, there are many advantages of planning things in advance. This applies to booking your accommodation as well. If you decide to pre-book a place to stay you can feel safe and travel with a clear mind (everyone knows how annoying last minute arrangements are). On top of that, you will also save money. Hotel booking websites like Jovago use this time to provide their customers with vouchers and hotel discounts to be redeemed on their website. Do not miss such a great opportunity so save extra money.

Tip #7: Keep all emergency numbers handy

You never know when you will need help, so better keep all necessary emergency numbers handy. Hopefully you will not need to call an ambulance or a car mechanic, but what if…?

Tip #9: Brief your family and friends on your itinerary

When we are young, we all get angry when mom asks us about our plans and where we are going. But in fact, regardless of how old you are, briefing relatives and friends on your itinerary might be crucial to your safety and might help you while in trouble. Before you set off, inform people about your route, stops you are planning to take and places you are planning to sleep. In case something happens, knowing your plans, they will be able to locate you easily.

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