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Tips To Make You A Smarter, Faster & Better Googler

by Felix Omondi

Tips To Make You A Smarter, Faster & Better GooglerStatistics has it that in 2013, Googlers did an average of 5,922,000,000 searches per day. Come to think of it, that is a lot to time people spending on the internet searching for things. Chances are that most of these Googlers are doing their searching in the most painstaking way possible. If you are a blogger like me, chances are you use Google more often and for longer than the 5.9 billion Googlers in the mentioned statistics.

It will help to know the tricks, tips and shortcuts to make us better Googlers. Today Innov8tiv share with some tips on how to achieve this:

  1. Searching within a particular website: Hypothetically speaking, say you’ve been an avid reader of Innov8tiv Magazine publications. Then you remember that one article you read some weeks or months ago, but say the site itself doesn’t have a good searching tool within it. You can always turn to Google, by simply prefacing your search with the site’s URL, followed by a colon then the phrase of what you are looking for. Like this: solar powered laptop

Google will only give your search results from and saving you the painstaking task of scrolling through all Google search results related to solar powered laptop.

  1. Tracking Your Package: So you bought something in a store far away probably through the various online platforms like Amazon, eBay etc. Or you’ve sent/received a gift from a friend living some distance away. You would like to know how far along in its journey it is to you. Simply copy your order’s tracking number (usually sent to you in the purchase confirmation email) and paste it to the Google search bar and voila: Google will show you exactly where your package is currently is on its way to you. This service works for packages sent by UPS, FedEx and U.S. Postal Service.
  2. Looking To Buy Within A Certain Price Range? Suppose you are looking to buy something online and want to know which products fall within your price range. Simply type the name of the product you are looking for and the price range separated by two periods in between and put them all in a single quote. Like shown below

“Nokia smartphones ‘$250..300’”

  1. Translate Number To Roman Numerals: A good number of the average citizen don’t bother much with memorizing the Roman numbers, but once in a while we might need to use them. Simply type in “88 in roman” and Google will give you the roman numerical version of it. 88 is LXXXVIII in Roman.
  2. Looking for Flights Information: Suppose you want to know which flights are available from a certain city to another city, say for example Boston to Nairobi. Simply type in “Boston Nairobi flights” and Google will give you a little chart indicating all the airlines, flight dates and prices below some few advertised results. The search result will even separate nonstop flights from the less convenient ones.

Suppose you intend to meet somebody at the airport, instead of going to the airport and wait for them, you can simply go to Google search for the name of the airline alongside its flight number. Google will give you the flight’s progress showing you the estimated arrival time, the terminal and the gate the flight will pull into. So you don’t have to go through outdated airlines sites or travelling to the airport only to start waiting.

  1. Converting Things: In our early childhood education, we were taught to memorize conversions: from meters to feet, liters to cups, miles to kilometres and so on. But with the advent of internet and Google, you don’t need to memorize all that, simply type whatever conversion you would like done, and voila:

“90 MPH to KPH”, “55 dollars to euro” or “188 pounds to kilograms”

  1. Know The Time In A Different Time Zone: If you are the type of person who deals with friends and business associates living in foreign countries in far distance, and you want to chat with them or perhaps arrange some online meeting. It would be prudent to know their local time, lest you catch them in the odd hours of the night. Simply go to Google and type “Kenya time”.

Tips To Make You A Smarter, Faster & Better Googler

These are just some of the few tips we’ve discovered so far, and more are being discovered. But if you master at least one or two mentioned above, you will be in a better position to smartly enjoy the power of Google.

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