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Tips on How to Avoid Procrastination During Writing


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As responsibilities pile up, we become victims of procrastination. Not because we are lazy but because we are overworked. Since independence and competence are prioritized over everything else right now, many writers end up setting their work aside for later.

Having said that, some of the common causes of procrastination are low self-esteem, fatigue, task aversion, trouble focusing, depression, other things taking up your mind, fear of failure, fear of criticism, ADHD, tendency to wait till the last minute, and perfectionism.

This article addresses some of the best ways you can avoid procrastination and motivate yourself to keep writing until you are done with all your homework!

Motivate Yourself to Write

Procrastination is not always caused by laziness, lack of focus, or other things taking up your time. Even the thought of writing an essay that will be badly criticized can prevent a person from finishing the task.

It can be a lack of reward or appreciation that demotivates you from taking the next step. Does your teacher often undermine you? Do they overreact to simple errors in the essay? Are they not appreciating your hard work?

The truth is, your teachers will probably continue to be the way they are because they are not aware of how damaging their behavior is. As teachers, they have the responsibility to be ethical and compassionate. But we can’t help it because some people were taught to be critical, dismissive, and ignorant.

For this reason, you have to take control of yourself! Don’t let the bad behavior of others ruin your mood. Motivate yourself and become your own cheerleader!

Organize Your Tasks

Maybe you were assigned a bunch of essays and reports for your school, unluckily, all at the same time! It can be daunting to find all those tasks dumped on your shoulder. When you encounter a situation like this, get your pen and paper, and organize your daily and weekly task schedule.

Our advice is to use an agenda to organize your to-do list and make sure you are getting done as much as you can for the day. If you are using a planner, jot down your events throughout the days, weeks, and months.

Sticky notes on your refrigerator, mirror, or table can help you to remind yourself of the things you need to get done for the day. Make sure to check out the ones that you have completed.

Remove Distractions from Your Surrounding

Distractions will only hinder the process of you trying to finish your work. So, you must remove any noise, pets, or humans from the vicinity when they are working on their school projects.

If you have noisy neighbors, get yourself some earbuds. If you have clutter in your room, then remove them as soon as possible so you can start writing in a clean room. Vacuum the floor, change the sheets, and organize your clothes- do whatever you need to do.

Don’t forget to put a Do Not Disturb sign outside your room so that nobody can interfere. Sometimes, parents continue to disturb you even though you put up that sign outside.

Make Writing a Refuge or Avenue for Creativity

Don’t treat writing as an obligation. If you do, then you will feel like it is a chore that is no fun. On the other hand, by treating it as a refuge from worldly issues or as an avenue for creativity, you can enjoy the process!

Moreover, if you are going through other grave matters in your life, it may be harder to find the motivation you need to finish your tasks on time. So, the trick is in the way you think and how you treat writing.

Yes, you need to motivate yourself all the time, sit in front of the laptop, and start typing. Keep typing no matter what. Even if you feel disconnected from the task, let your fingers do all the writing!

Get Inspired By Other Writers

Whether you are writing for school, work, or as a part of your own hobby, you are bound to get writer’s block. Luckily, unless you are writing a script or a story plot, you don’t have to use your imagination much.

For school and work, most tasks are straightforward. The topics are provided, so you just have to research the content and write about it. If you do get stuck, then stalk the social media profiles of the best writers in the world.

We think it is a great idea to follow other writers’ profiles on Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms to find out how they deal with blocks. Read about their life stories and daily management to educate yourself. You can even try out online essay writers who provide professional-grade papers and learn a thing or two from their writing techniques.

And if you feel like going a step ahead, by browsing through different blogs, articles, and content, you can find reasons to get your fingers moving!

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