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Tips to Photograph People with Glasses


Glare can be a big problem for photographers. It occurs in a variety of situations, from the obvious glare you get when you use a flash in front of a window or other reflective surface, to the less obvious glare you get on the water surface.

When it comes to glasses, the point is that people who wear them often need them. In other words, it is the face that presents itself to the world in the one who wears glasses. If you try to portray a person who usually wears glasses without glasses, it will not be a photo of him, at least not one that makes his personality recognizable.

Pay attention

It’s easy to forget to check your lens glare, especially if your subject is someone you see every day; someone who always wears glasses will find them more or less invisible, and you will do the same until you see all this, of course. You notice some undesirable reflections in the final image.

So consciously try to find these strengths for each shot. This way, you will notice it and you will be able to perform some of the following steps to avoid capturing it in your photo. If you want the subject to look great in spectacles, you should try these Eyeglasses Online that are offered at a very affordable price range. SmartBuyGlasses offers a selection of frame styles, shapes, and sizes in a variety of colours. There are discreet clear temple arms, solid black frame fronts, reasonable metal rimmed glasses, and a variety of interesting designs to choose from, including cat-eye and retro giant round frame glasses. These glasses can surely enhance the looks of your model that is being photographed.


Backlight is a good way to photograph someone with glasses because the light comes behind that person and is less likely to bounce off the lenses if it does not bounce anywhere and comes back on the person’s face. It can be difficult to photograph backlit subjects, so try to partially darken the light source and reduce your images to avoid blurring in the background or worse, the subject’s silhouette.


Sunglasses are practically the reverse problem, as not everyone who wears them needs them to correct vision problems. If someone identifies on the street with sunglasses, it may be a good idea to take a picture of those who wear the sunglasses.

Therefore, you should generally avoid sunglasses unless you have a compelling reason to wear them. But if you do not wear sunglasses at all, you do not have to worry about glare and reflections.

Post photo correction

You can remove the glare afterwards. However, it is more difficult if it is directly above the eyes than on glasses. If the reflection is small and does not cover the subject’s eyes, you can use the clone tool to get rid of it. If this seems too obvious, try cloning with 50% opacity to reduce reflections instead of removing them completely.


Glasses can be seen as part of a person’s personality, although it is easy to ask the person to take them off, it is best to learn some of these techniques and take them seriously to achieve a good portrait photography that includes glasses. Eliminate glare. Again, the real secret is to be careful. Be sure to notice what happens to the glare and reflections in the subject’s glasses, and you can almost always find the camera angle, head angle, or spectacle position that excludes them.

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