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Tips and Tricks for Home Maintenance by BrightNest, Now on Android

by Fahad Saleem

Tips and Tricks for Home Maintenance by BrightNest, Now on Android

BrightNest is a popular website for useful tips and tricks for home maintenance. Its tips were really useful if you don’t really know how to properly manage and maintain your items in your home. They have launched their app for Android now, previously their app had a good response from iOS users.

This app is your guide to organize, manage and decorate your home. The app is free and you can make your account on it with a few simple steps. After that, you get your personal storage for your home and personal scheduling of tasks.

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The beauty of this app lies in the customization it provides. You can add details of your home and its different sections, like floor type, kitchen tables, and countertop materials etc. and the app will send you customized tips for your home. There are quizzes designed and customized for your home and they also lead you to useful articles/tips about how you can add improvements in these items.


The app lets you make a schedule for tasks that require your attention. You can chose when to remind you of what. There is no limit about the time you set for a task. It can be in an hour, in a day, a month or even next year. The app will store it and sync it with your account on its website so even if you lose your phone, you won’t lose the item you wanted to buy for your home next year.

Home Decoration

Apart from the customization, tips and scheduling your tasks, the app provides you with more than 1000 do-it-yourself decoration projects. With the help of step by step guides, you can make your own decoration pieces for your home. This app has both interior and exterior decoration tips and projects. Some always handy tools include “best tricks for cleaning bathroom”, “excellent places to hide a spare key”, “Simple ways that can increase the value of your home” and many more like that.

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The app is compatible with Jellybean 4.1+

Click here to download from Google Play.

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