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Tiptoeing Through the Tulips, Showing Appreciation From a Distance


Centuries ago, people in Europe and Asia would send each other bouquets of flowers to convey a message. For instance, did you know that red carnations meant that the sender’s heart ached?

Today, we have the internet and texting on mobile phones to send messages directly to our recipients. But that doesn’t mean giving flowers (like tulips) is a terrible idea. In fact, it can be a great way to show appreciation from a distance!

Here are a few different flowers you can send to people in your life to show that you’re thinking about them.


Giving your coworkers a big, showy bouquet can always be a great idea. They’ll have a vase of beautiful and bright flowers that’ll liven up any room they’re put in.

Of course, the types you send them will depend on what the occasion is. For example, if they’re ill, you can send them some sunflowers to really cheer them up as they recover. Or if it’s their birthday, send them birthday flowers like tulips, lilies, daisies, or carnations.

For a huge milestone in life, such as a new baby or signing of a client, you’ll want a huge congratulatory arrangement. Don’t after to go big, as it’ll be a reminder of the huge accomplishment they’ve made!

If you’re close with your coworkers, then you might know what their favorite (or hated) colors are. In the past, certain colors meant particular messages for the flowers you’re sending, but for the most part, that’s obsolete nowadays. Feel free to pick out arrangements that showcase their favorite colors to really wow them.


For clients, it’s always nice to send some flowers to know you’re thinking of them and that you appreciate them choosing you over your competitors. However, unless you have a very close and casual relationship with them, you don’t want to go too over the top with your bouquets.

You still want to impress them, but you don’t want to send them “casual” flowers. Exotic flowers like peonies or orchids can be great choices. They’re not too flashy, and the fact that they’re hard to find means you’ve put some effort into picking an arrangement instead of choosing something common like roses or daisies.

On the other hand, if you do have a close and casual relationship with your clients, it can be appropriate to send cheerful flowers like daisies, lilies, or sunflowers. This can signify that you consider them valued clients who you regard in a friendly manner.


When it comes to friends, the world’s your oyster when it comes to sending them floral arrangements. Whether they’re an acquaintance or your best friend in the whole world, you can get quite creative here.

For instance, if they’re into the gothic culture, you can send them “black” flowers, such as black roses or tulips. Or if they’re very dainty and feminine, you can go with something like a small bouquet of miniature roses.

Do note that unless you have romantic feelings for your friend, you should never give them red roses! This is the ultimate gesture of love, so you don’t want to inadvertently send them the wrong message.

If you’re ever at a loss or are feeling lazy, mixed bouquets can be a great choice as well. These are nice and vibrant, plus they’re arranged with tons of flowers that complement one another. They’ll certainly make your friend happy!


This is another area where buying floral arrangements is super flexible. A safe bet would be to buy flowers that your family members have expressed interest in.

For example, your mom’s favorite flower might be the calla lily. Keep things simple and easy; order her some of those!

Otherwise, if you don’t know what your loved one’s favorite flower is, do some snooping. Does your sister wear floral prints of only daisies? Or does your grandma have a vase of wilting tulips?

With some extra insight and observations, you’ll be able to pick out an arrangement your family will love.

Romantic Interest or Partner

Are you currently interested in someone? Then let them know about your crush by sending them a thoughtful bouquet of red roses.

Maybe you’re already with a partner, but the relationship is still relatively new. Red roses are always an excellent choice, especially if you surprise them randomly. It’ll definitely let them know you’re thinking of them and that you only have eyes for them.

If you’re already comfortable in your relationship, then you don’t necessarily have to go all-out with a romantic bouquet of roses. Of course, it can still be nice to receive, but it might feel a bit stale after a few years.

Think outside the box and choose other flowers your significant other might enjoy. Maybe you’ve seen her put a vase of blue irises on her dinner table before. Sending her a bunch of them will show that you’re insightful and notice all the details in her life.

Send Tulips or Any Other Type of Flower to Show You Care

Now you know all the types of flowers you can send to different people, such as roses or tulips. While modern society isn’t as reliant as it was in the past to have flowers deliver certain messages, it can still be a nice touch to let people know you care.

So feel free to reach out, support your local florist, and send a beautiful bouquet that’ll brighten up anybody’s day!

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