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Tools To Helps You Avoid Prolonged Sitting In Front Of A Computer

by Felix Omondi
PC Tools To Helps You Avoid Prolonged Sitting In Front Of A Computer

PC Tools To Helps You Avoid Prolonged Sitting In Front Of A ComputerHuman beings were not meant to live a sedentary life. However, a good number of people in the modern life eke out a living from sitting on their bottoms all day every day.

Especially those employed in big corporations where their job entails sitting in a cubicle office and stare at the monitor all day long as they keep pressing the keyboards.

The long story short, sitting is the new smoking. The more you sit, the shorter your lifespan! By this I mean your body is at a greater risk of developing health complications.

Take, for instance the fact that the minute you sit down a great part of the electrical activity within your legs shuts down; the enzyme reaction along your legs that break down the food drop by 90%.

Well, the best solution would be to quit your job and look for a job that often has you on the move and on your feet. But let’s face it! That is easier said than done! So the next solution would be to get yourself one of those standing desk, but the only problem is the company that you work for is highly unlikely to budget for such office furniture. It will only add onto the Company’s cost of operation, and that will not be good for their ‘bottom line’.

However, if you could avoid sitting at your desk for prolonged periods without taking a break and standing up on your feet, it will go a long way in getting blood circulating the right way through your legs. The only problem is, we tend to forget to take such breaks after about every one hours of sitting down. Blame it all on the brain-involving work we do on our computers that make us forget such a critical that is beneficial for our physiological well-being.

So here is the good news. There is a simple Windows PC app that you can install on your workstation computer that will keep track of the time you spent using the PC. Soon as the app detects you are spending too much time sited on your computer, it will notify you. ‘Hey, you need to take a walk, mate! Your health depends on it.’ Ok! Maybe not using those particular words but all the same, it will let you know it is time you stood up and took a walk, just to get blood pumping through your legs. The app is called Awareness, and you can download it right here.

As long as we are on that subject, you should know that your eyes get tired of staring at a stationary object (the screen monitor). Prolonged gaze at the screen could lead to serious health complications such as Scoliosis, abnormal vision among others. You also probably need a reminder to tell you to look away from the screen now and then. When you do look away, it is recommended you look at objects in the furthest distance; such as the most distant building you can see through the windows or the most distant furniture across the room.

You would be glad to know there is an app for that; an app that would remind you to look away from the monitor. It is called Pause4Relax, and you can download it right here.

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