10 Free iOS Apps To Make Your 2015 Holiday Season All The More Merrier

Top 10 Free iOS Apps To Make Your 2015 Holiday Season The Merrier

Christmas barely a week away and maybe you are one of those people waiting to unwrap your present box and get a brand new iPhone or iPad. In case, you have no clue on which apps to first install on your brand new iPhone or iPad, here a short list of the best free apps on App Store that could brighten your holiday season.


This app will usher you into a music video community. Where you can create, share and browse through various genres of short entertaining videos. You can download it right here.

Sing Along Christmas Carols

Having trouble remembering the words to Christmas Carols songs? Well, this app will help you master the lyrics in a karaoke-styled manner. It will play you the tunes and show you the lyrics on your iOS device’s screen and just like that; you will be spared from those little embarrassments of having to mumble your way through certain parts of carols songs you have mastered.

Christmas Tale HD

This app animates Christmas in all its amazing sounds and graphics effects, just like the name suggests. It will project Santa, his elves and all the other characters that define Christmas as we know it. All this in a well-scripted tale that is just not only for the young but the entire family. You can download this app here.

Christmas Countdown

Christmas is always that one time of the year when virtually all neighborhood houses are full of guests, and people keep track of the time when they can uniformly shout ‘Merry Christmas.’ It would be somewhat embarrassing if your house shouts this a little too soon, which is what will happen if you don’t have an accurate Christmas Countdown. This app tracks for you everything from weeks, nights, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. You can download it for free here.

Buried Town

If you are the type that enjoys mobile games, this game will give you an interactive experience with rich graphics, simple text features, and soothing music. All set to trigger an emotional response of joy as you achieve the various levels of success and victory. You can download this game here.


When you install Showtime, you can stream whatever is airing live. You can also view seasonal and the all-time hit series movies from different genres, ranging from comedy, action, documentary and sports; not to mention boxing championship. Showtime is available as a free download, but for the uninterrupted experience, you can subscribe to the premium version for only $10.99/month.


Tossup is a creation by the Microsoft Garage. This app will allow you create questions for friends and get their polls and opinions on the questions. Additionally, you can sync with a selected friend to choose a place where to meet, and when you want to meet. You can download Tossup on iOS 8.0 devices and above at this link.


If you plan on traveling anytime soon, then Timeout is your ultimate companion. It works like a travel guide to all local and global places. It will be your all-time trip planner when you want to explore all different tourist attractions, sample different cuisines, and drinks. You also get updates on nearby events, restaurants, bars and other cool hangout places. You can download it for free here.

Save Alpaca

Do you have the heart to save a group of alpacas that live in the grassland? If you do, then you need to migrate them before the onset of the rainy season. But to reach a higher grassland level, you will be taken through various disasters such as passing through the canyon, rivers and jungles. You can download Save Alpaca here.

Star Wars

Want to connect to a ‘galaxy’ far far away from your iPhone. Then the Star Wars app is your ticket to there. This app gives you different interactive features with a very dynamic UI. You will also get social updates, events happening and rich media content. You can also read the latest blogs and news relating to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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