Top 10 Most-know Tech Resources

Top 10 Most-know Tech Resources

Are you someone who likes to keep on top of the latest tech and gadgets world developments? We do too, and that’s why we put together a list of 10 top tech resources that you need to bookmark! Let’s have a look at them!


This is the place to go for information n fresh businesses in the tech industry. Techcrunch focuses on new start-ups and gives them a platform with a database of tech businesses, what their core products are, and who’s behind them.

It’s a great place to drop in now and then for a read, and the write-ups are interesting, informative, and engaging. 

One of our favorites on this list and comes highly recommended. Follow this place, and you can get in on the ground floor with new tech!


A brilliant collection of tech and gadget blogs in many languages, Engadget fills a gap in the market with its excellent contributors. Each of them has a wealth of experience in the gadget and tech world. 

Read blogs about developments, reviews of new products, and industry gossip at one of the best blog sites on the subject, we visit this one often, and there’s always something fresh to look at.

Crunch Reviews

If you’re looking for in-depth and informed reviews of audio, radio, and other tech products and devices, Crunch Reviews is worthy of your time.

Nobody reviews like these guys, and they combine enthusiasm with the knowledge to arrive at unbiased, clear, and concise conclusions.

Easy to read and interesting, these are engaging reviews of every sort of tech device you could imagine. 

The NextWeb

For the latest trends in tech and gadgets, you must read The NextWeb! This is one of the best resources out there for new stuff across the board, and you may find some great products fresh to the market.

The NextWeb is where we go to find the best in reviews, announcements and talk about the future of tech and where it’s going. 

The writing is great, the contributors know their stuff, and we reckon you’ll love it too! There’s something here for every tech lover, so try it right now, and you’ll see what we mean.


For great articles on gadgets and more, you must read Wired. This hugely popular and long-established magazine-style website presents some superb content and will keep you reading for longer than you intend! You’ll find truly knowledgeable articles about new, upgraded and older tech that gives you all you need to know, and if you’re like us, you’ll come back to Wired without hesitation. 

One of the best tech magazines of all; you need this one on any list if you’re going to remain informed and in the loop!


Famous for its project-oriented content – check out the ‘build your own’ section – Tom’s Hardware has been around since the middle of the ’90s and hasn’t dated at all.

It is a more hands-on site than most; we love it because it genuinely gives you insight into how things work and great features on DIY tech. Few sites do this as well as Tom’s Hardware. Try it; you’ll love it. 


You’ll probably have heard of CNET, especially if you’re into freeware and software reviews. Owned by the mighty CBS Corporation, CNET is still a go-to site for lovers of computer tech and software and remains a leading name in the tech resource industry.

With archives going back more than 20 years and some fantastic reading every time, if you’ve previously considered it ‘too big,’ then we advise you to think again: it’s well worth a visit.


9to5Mac is or the Apple buffs among you, so if that’s your thing, this is the place to catch up with the latest from your favorite tech company.

That focus does limit the resource somewhat, but it might just be the best Apple tech resource around and one that you cannot afford to miss if you’re a Mac fan.


Gizmodo is on the list for one main reason: it’s one of few sites that allow you – the reader – to contribute your reviews, articles, and blog entries on gadgets and tech. This gives it a fresh approach in which individual and quirky content can be viewed, and while some of the content is on the weak side, when it’s good, it’s very good indeed. 

New York Times

You might be wondering why we include the New York Times on this list. It’s because, quite simply, the digital edition includes one of the best tech business resources of all, namely ‘Bits: The Business of Technology.’

Nowhere else will you get such well-researched insight into the tech industry, so if that floats your boat, here is where you need to be.

That’s our 10, and we’re sure you’ll find some more, so happy reading!

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