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The top 10 Netflix shows of 2017

by Felix Omondi

We are drawing close to Christmas, one of those times at least everyone in the family tries to make it to the family dinner table. To eat, wine, drink, catchup, and enjoy quality times with one another.

While one-on-one conversations is irreplaceable, having a nice movie playing in the background sure make the conversation less awkward. Especially if you are sitting down with that family member who is not big on conversation. Sitting down together in the evening for some family movie could be the middle ground you both need to loosen up around each other.

Well, if you are lost on what movie(s) to watch, we have rounded up the top best Netflix shows of 2017 that will be worth your time.

Top 10 Family Shows

Top 10 Binged Shows

1.      Stanger Things 1.      American Vandal
2.      13 Reasons Why 2.      3%
3.      A Series of Unfortunate Events 3.      13 Reasons Why
4.      Star Trek Discovery 4.      Anne with an E
5.      Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life 5.      Riverdale
6.      Riverdale 6.      Ingobernable
7.      Fuller House 7.      Travelers
8.      Chef’s Table 8.      The Keepers
9.      Atypical 9.      The OA
10.  Anne with and E 10.  The Confession Tapes


Top 10 Savoured

Top 10 ‘Netflix cheating’ Shows

1.      The Crown 1.      Narcos
2.      Big Mouth 2.      13 Reasons Why
3.      Neo Yokio 3.      Stranger Things
4.      A Series of Unfortunate Events 4.      Orange is the New Black
5.      GLOW 5.      Sense8
6.      Friends from College 6.      Black Mirror
7.      Ozark 7.      Marvel’s The Defenders
8.      Atypical 8.      Marvel’s Iron Fist
9.      Dear White People 9.      Ozark
10.  Disjointed 10.  Mindhunter

As we go into this festive season, be kind enough to share, even if it’s just a movie suggestion. You never know, it might be the best movie someone else has seen this year. Leave a movie suggestion on the comments section below.

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