Top 10 Themes for iPhone

 Top 10 Themes for iPhone

Let me get this straight, if your device is not jailbroken don’t go looking at all these cool, fun themes because that is only going to make you feel stuck with the built in boring font and colors. You will need jailbreak to install any of these amazing themes from Cydia and they promise an amazing look and feel for your iOS 7 device.


Ayecon (read as icon), like the name suggests, is about icons. It provides you 100+ great icons for your device. The added benefit is that it comes equipped with masks for non-supported icons and they are beautifully merged and your device does not get an alien feel for some icons and great look for others. Besides, it provides the element of depth, which seems to be missing from iOS 7.

Price: $2.99 – Cydia link


Creators of Ayecon have come up with yet another beautiful theme named Ayeris (read as iris). These two things are sort of, for opposite taste of people. For people who want depth and texture, Ayecon is the theme but people who prefer current look and feel of iOS 7 and just want some playing around with dock and icons, Ayeris is the theme. It has complete new dock and amazing icons.

Price: $3.99 – Cydia link

Enkelt Neue

If you want a colorful experience of iOS 7, still keeping the original look and feel of it, Enkelt Neue is the theme for you. All the menus remain same, they just become more colorful. It has a simple background and yet adds a little bit of depth too.

Price: $2.99 Cydia link


Want a theme that matches colors of your iPhone 5S? Download Anode. Available in Grey, Space Grey, Gold and dull Silver they give your phone a sophisticated look by matching your software interface color with that of the body of phone.

Price: Free Cydia link


This theme adds a nice icon mask with a PSD of its own to create new icons too if you want. Shadow effect has been crafted like a pro and the settings menu too gets more beautiful. It adds a lock screen slider too.

Price: Free – Cydia link


With icon masks of round, square, sounded-square and all unique and more beautiful hexagonal, this theme is simply amazing. Everything you do on your iPhone gets dreamy. It is fairly colorful, yet does not pinch in your eyes.


Price: Free – Cydia link


It makes the already flat iOS 7 even more flat. Icons blend in perfectly even for apps that do not have iRa icon for them. You can customize messenger app and notification bar for this theme. This theme has a dominant effect of “for the love of purple” no matter what wallpaper you apply.

Price: $2.00 – Cydia link

Ultra Flat for iOS 7

If there was a limit to be defined for flatness one would say on a scale of 1 to Ultra Flat for iOS 7, how flat is that? Some of its icons are even more flat and professionally perfect than iOS 7’s built in icons.

Price: Free – Cydia link


To take you into a mystical world with smoky feeling and dreamy walks, Aura for iOS 7 is here. It adds depth and color but some icons need better masking and their edges seem cut out in this theme.

Price: $2.99 Cydia link

Soft Remix for iOS 7

Simply adds depth in such an awesome way that you can’t tell if it’s a built in theme or some third party download. Simple, minimal and beautifully amazing.

Price: Free – Cydia link


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