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Top 100 Most Influential Women’s Twitter Handles About Technology

Top 100 Most Influential Women’s Twitter Handles About Technology

At Innov8tiv, we try our best to shed more light to the under-represented contributors to technology. Women are by far the least represented in the technology research and development scene compared to their male counterparts.

To prove this for yourself, take a look at any latest and trending technology news on social media, especially on Twitter. For our avid readers and followers on social media, you know or probably participated in last Tuesday’s #UrbanTechWeekend interactive Twitter chat on technology.

The #UrbanTechWeekend got me thinking, just how many women are actually active on social media, talking about technology? Sure women might not (as of now) be well represented in

the tech-scene, but at least they could be talking about it. After a bit of research on the internet I ran into a compiled report by Business Insider on the Top 100 Most Influential Tech Women on Twitter.

Top 10 Most Influential Tech Women on Twitter starting from #1 to #10:

Kara Swisher ~ @karaswisher: For occupation she the Co-Executive Editor of Re/ You can be sure you will find a plethora of tech links and tech thoughts at her Twitter handle. She also has a lot of breaking news.

Arianna Huffington ~ @ariannahuff: Serving as the Chair, President and Editor-in-Chief for the Huffington Post Media Group. From her Twitter handle, you can be sure to get posts on health, gender equality and tech-related posts.

Mary Jo Foley ~ @maryjofoley: She is a Tech reporter for ZDNet, where she writes about everything and anything about Microsoft. If what you are looking for is information related to Microsoft, be sure to check out her Twitter handle.

Marissa Mayer ~ @marissamayer: As the President and CEO of Yahoo, you should not expect to see too much post from her Twitter handle flooding your Twitter feeds. But if you are looking for important first-hand information all about Yahoo, then her Twitter handle is the one to follow. You can also see her posts on

Joanna Stern ~ @joannastern: Working as Wall Street Journal Personal Technology Columnist, but from

her Twitter handle you can read all about consumer electronic technology. Get explanations about “Bill Gates’ daughter Cortana” to reviews on the latest HTC tablets to hit the market. You can also view her website

Brooke Hammerling ~ @brooke: She is the Founder of Brew Media Relations. From her Twitter handle, you can expect just about any post, but she also post a lot of technology.

Alexia Tsotsis ~ @alexia: Working as a Co-Editor at TechCrunch. From her Twitter handle, you can be sure to find clever comments integrated nicely into interesting retweets she makes on everything tech related.

Sarah Lacy ~ @sarahcuda: She is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of PandoDaily. Well, it is said she has the scoop on all Silicon Valley start-ups. So if you are into Silicon Valley activities, be sure to check out her handle.

Neelie Kroes ~ @NeelieKroesEU: As the Vice President of the European Commission leading the Digital Agenda. Expect to get tweets and retweets about the EU and EU related stuff from her handle.

Emily Chang ~ @emilychangtv: She is a TV host for Bloomberg TV. If you want to stay updated with all the news and information being covered on Bloomberg, which is also very big on tech, make sure to follow her handle.

For more information, follow this link to Business Insider to view the full, complete list.

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