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Top 15 Lab-Grown Diamond Pendants


Choosing a proper piece of glitter to complement your ensemble without taking attention away from it is critical for a diamond necklace. Besides, it is an investment piece that may be worn long after the wedding as a reminder of the love your beloved has for you.

If you are looking for a way to dress up your neck, lab-grown diamond necklaces are a great place to start since they have the same quality and brilliance as those with natural diamonds without the high price tags.

Lab-made diamond necklaces are environment-friendly and do not disrupt the natural balance. There are also various unusual colored diamonds available for pendants made using lab-made diamonds.

Debbie Azar, GSI President, opines that customers nowadays have many options to choose from. Lab-grown diamond pendants come in several sizes, shapes, and colors and are incredibly versatile to be set in any pendant style. From emerald, round pear, and oval cut pendants in yellow, white, and rose gold to statement-making tennis and choker necklaces, a list of dazzling diamond necklaces can be customized for any style and preference.

Ahead is our list of the top 15 unique lab-grown diamond pendants for a special occasion, alongside information about the metal type, diamond shape, carat weight, and length.

1. Best Pendant: Blue Nile Three-Stone Drop Pendant

Your pendant necklace does not have to be extravagant to create a statement. The trendy yet timeless and eye-catching style of this Blue Nile drop pendant necklace is one of our favorites. The graduated-size round diamond display is eye-catching on your wedding day while being simple enough to wear thereafter.

Metal Type: 18K rose, white, and yellow gold | Diamond Shape: Round | Carat Weight: 1 ct. | Chain Length: 18 inches

2. Most Unique: VRAI Inner Spirit Medallion Necklace

This medallion necklace ties the worlds of luxury and bohemia. It features a beautifully made oval yellow gold centerpiece with a spectacular baguette diamond in the center—a piece you will want to wear again and again.

3. Best Tennis: Clean Origin Tennis Necklace

At a big event, nothing is lovelier than a tennis necklace. This 17-carat diamond necklace aggrandizes the neckline with graduated-sized diamonds set in 14K white or yellow gold to create a dramatic statement of never-ending love and commitment.

Metal Type: 14K white and yellow gold | Diamond Shape: Round | Carat Weight: 17 ct. | Chain Length: 18 inches

4. Best Choker: VRAI Illuminate Choker

This 35-carat diamond choker is magnificent enough to be a crown jewel if you wish to feel like royalty on your special day. The beautiful strand comprises several diamond shapes, including baguette, lozenge, hexagon, marquise, round brilliant, and half-moon.

Metal Type: 14K yellow and white gold | Diamond Shape: Baguette, Lozenge, Hexagon, Marquise, Round Brilliant, and Half Moon | Carat Weight: 35.75 ct. | Chain Length: 13.5 inches.

5. Best Solitaire: Clean Origin 1ct Solitaire Pendant

The perfect classic necklace is a solitary pendant with a bit of spark. This Clean Origin necklace is simple in form but exquisite in style, with a gleaming 1-carat lab-grown round diamond set in 14K yellow or white gold.

Metal Type: 14K white and yellow gold | Diamond Shape: Round | Carat Weight: 1 ct. | Chain Length: 18 inches

6. Best Baguette Cut: VRAI Baguette Semi-Bezel Necklace

A pendant necklace with a lab-made baguette-cut diamond is a beautiful way to add some shimmer without too much dazzle for the minimalist bride. This is an adorable, classic, and beautiful semi-bezel baguette necklace.

Metal Type: 14K Yellow and White Gold | Diamond Shape: Baguette | Carat Weight: ¼ -¾ ct. | Chain Length: 16-18 inches

7. Best Round Cut: Grown Brilliance Round Lab Grown Diamond Twisted Floral Solitaire Pendant

A round-cut diamond necklace adds a touch of glitz to the neckline and can be worn after the ceremony on any occasion that demands a touch of elegance and sparkle. The intricate setting, adjustable chain, and range of metal possibilities make this one a favorite.

Metal Type: 14K white, yellow, and rose gold | Diamond Shape: Round | Carat Weight: 1 ct. | Chain Length: Adjustable

8. Best Pear Cut: Grown Brilliance Pear Lab Grown Diamond Bezel Set Solitaire Pendant

Diamond pendants with bezel settings are a terrific way to add a modern touch to your wedding day ensemble. The elegant and adaptable style of this stunning lab-grown pear-cut diamond is one of our favorites. It is available in three metals and various carat weights, allowing you to select the one that feels the most natural.

Metal Type: 14K white, yellow, and rose gold | Diamond Shape: Pear | Carat Weight: ½-2 ct. | Chain Length: Adjustable

9. Best Emerald Cut: Brilliant Earth Emerald Lab Created Diamond Halo Pendant

This horizontal emerald-cut diamond pendant is framed with 18 round diamonds for more dynamism and features a fresh spin on a traditional shape. You can also pair it with the Brilliant Earth Emerald Cut Lab Created Diamond Halo Stud Earrings to create a set.

Metal Type: 18K white gold | Diamond Shape: Emerald with round halo diamonds | Carat Weight: 0.87 ct. (1 ct. tw.) | Chain Length: 18 inches

10. Best Fashion-Forward: Edge of Ember North Star Diamond Necklace

Consider a unique pendant shape, such as a star, featuring a small diamond in the middle for a jewelry moment that is equally modern and romantic. Edge of Ember’s choice is small enough to feel dainty and straightforward while still providing stylish finesse.

Metal Type: Recycled 14K yellow or white gold | Clarity: VVS1/2 | Carat Weight: 0.03ct | Chain Length: 16-18 inches

11. Most Unique: Brilliant Earth Kite Lab Created Diamond Pendant

This Brilliant Earth pendant has a slender cable chain and a kite-shaped gemstone in a petite necklace with an unexpectedly fine lab-grown diamond. The prong setting enhances the diamond’s beauty by allowing it to shine brightly.

Metal Type: 18K yellow or white gold | Diamond Shape: Kite | Clarity: SI | Carat Weight: 0.125ct | Chain Length: 18 inches

12. Best Cluster: Miadonna 3 Stone Cluster Necklace

This lab-grown pendant necklace packs a punch and is all-time fashionable. It comes with a cluster silhouette for dazzle that significantly adds to the overlook look. The diamonds are set in a pyramid on this version, which comes on an adjustable 16 to 18-inch chain, giving it a balanced and beautiful appeal.

Metal Type: 14K white, yellow, or rose gold | Diamond Shape: Round | Clarity: SI | Carat Weight: 0.25ct, 0.5ct | Chain Length: 16-18 inches

13. Best Colorful: Blue Nile Lightbox Lab-Grown Pink Diamond Round Solitaire Pendant

This pink diamond pendant necklace is a terrific way to add some flair to your wedding day attire while keeping it simple and chic. The rose gold round diamond necklace is now available in blue diamond and is ideal for those who prefer this color.

Metal Type: 14K rose gold | Diamond Shape: Round | Carat Weight: ½-1 ct. | Chain Length: 18 inches.

14. Best Bezel: Charles and Colvard Round Caydia Lab Grown Diamond Bezel Set Solitaire Necklace

The sleek, minimalist aesthetic of Bezel settings is well-known, and a lab-grown pendant necklace with a Bezel-set diamond is, predictably, a great choice for your wedding day. While other metals are available, we prefer rose gold for its lovely blush color and eye-catching appearance.

Metal Type: 18K rose gold | Diamond Shape: Round | Clarity: VS1 | Carat Weight: 0.50ct

15. Best Halo: Helzberg Light Heart Lab Grown Diamond Halo Pendant

A halo pendant necklace is appropriate for the bride who believes that “the more the dazzle, the better.” This stunning piece comprises 11 round brilliant cut lab-grown diamonds weighing 0.25 carats and is suspended from an 18-inch long chain.

Metal Type: 14K white gold | Diamond Shape: Round brilliant | Carat Weight: 0.25ct | Chain Length: 18 inches

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