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Top 3 Twitter Beefs From NBA Athletes Over The Last 5 Years


Twitter has always had some interesting content since it’s emergence. In the sports world, it gets even better. Twitter beef seems to be a weekly routine for some of the most recognizable athletes in the world. In the last decade, there have been some very hilarious back and forth arguments that most of us can enjoy from the comfort of our own living room.

With that said, these are the top-3 best twitter beefs among NBA athletes in the last five years.

No. 3: Kevin Durant vs. Chris Broussard-2019

Ever since Durant left the Thunder, it feels like “KD vs the world” at this point. Last season, when the Warriors played in the NBA Finals, Durant had to sit out with an Achilles injury. The Fox Sports analyst, Broussard, predicted that if the Warriors won without Durant, it would be “his worst nightmare.”

Durant responded with “I see a little exaggeration there buddy, my worst nightmare?? U sure that this is the worst that it can get???” This sparked a back and forth with Broussard that eventually had the analyst referencing nearly every social media stat he could find in his favor. Watching Broussard get that emotionally triggered is bona fide comedy.

No. 2: LeBron James vs. Draymond Green-2016 & 2017

When the Warriors kept winning in 2016-2017, everyone rushed to all casinos with instant payouts to put their best on Golden State. The team ultimately finished the year with 73 wins, which is an NBA record before falling to the James-led Cleveland Cavaliers in the championship.

During Game 4 of the 2016 NBA Finals, Green went below the belt to strike James, which got Green suspended. After the Cavs won, James won an “Ultimate Warrior” T-shirt to reference the team’s blown 3-1 lead. Then, that Halloween, James threw a party that had trays of cookies styles as tombstones with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson’s name on them.

Green didn’t forget either of those shots. When the Warriors took down the Cavaliers in 2017, Green referenced a LeBron hairline joke. Then, when the Warriors won the championship, Green donned an Arthur-themed T-shirt that displayed the team’s three championship rings.

Taken from Pixabay

No. 1: Shaq vs. Javale McGee-2017

The TNT analyst has always had hot takes, especially with his co-worker Charles Barkley. However, in the early stages of 2017, Shaq took a massive shot at Javale McGee, who was in the final year of playing with the Warriors.

On Insider The NBA’s Shaqtin-A-Fool segment, Shaq poked fun at McGee’s questionable actions on the basketball court. McGee took to twitter and swung the first punch by posting, “Get my (peanut emoji)’s out of your mouth! And EAD! #thatisall” There was an immediate response from Shaq, who posted “don’t be acting like u a g I’ll smack the s**t out yo bum ass u da one that be looking stupid with your dumb ass #bumass”

Shaq doubled down and said that McGee was only talking because he was on a good team. McGee responded by asking Shaq if “we are threatening people now?” He went on to further say, “kick rocks you old bastard….you aint’ gone do sh**!!! And that’s on my mama..stick to cooning.”

In response, Shaq said they would see how tough McGee was when they saw each other. That prompted McGee to stand up for himself more. McGee said that he was a “grown man” and asked Shaq if he really thought he was going to stay silent during all this.

During the back and forth exchange, Shaq repeatedly reference McGee as a “bum,” “clownass,” and said he needed more people to win. You might be wondering to yourself if this truly happened. The answer is absolutely 100%.

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