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Top 4 Black-Owned Businesses You Need to Check Out Now

Top 4 Black-Owned Businesses You Need to Check Out Now

Supporting black-owned businesses is essential to community success. Community, in the biggest sense – black owned is just as important as locally owned, as is women-owned.

While these aren’t local to you, they’re still businesses with more people than machines or processors.

The NAACP even has a page dedicated to over 20 of Black-owned businesses, some of which we noted here. Ready to get shopping?

Support our brothers and sisters with a purchase from the stores below.

1. Madali Hair

Your hair is yours because you bought it with your own money. End of sentence. But where did those dollars go when you bought your extensions?

Probably not back into the community – a lot of other cultures have capitalized on Black women buying hair, and they’re just in it for the money.

This company, run by black women, sells 100% virgin Filipino hair extensions. They have black employees and support Black causes.

You can follow them on Instagram @Madalihair or shop on their website.

They sell online and accept credit cards for bad credit.

2. Liquid Courage Cosmetics

How many times have you walked into a drugstore to have one, maybe two choices of products in your color?

Stop blending your own colors and shop from a cosmetic company that understands that “diverse” doesn’t mean 32 shades of white. Or colors that only look good on 32 shades of white.

Liquid courage calls their lipsticks war paints for courageous women. They have a matte, liquid, and classic stick. You can find colors that are different shades (!) of nude, to bright purple, to metallic pink.

Their products are made consciously and they have a lifestyle brand/site as well.

The prices on the product are reasonable, from a little less than $20 for a lipstick. Seeing as you’d spend that on a mini-size from Sephora – it’s totally doable.

3. Lit Brooklyn

Want artisan made candles that don’t smell like they’re from some random store in the mall? Or want to buy products that have an employee base and a backstory you can be proud of?

Shop for hand poured candles with soy wax and high-quality oils. They come in reusable tins (some of them) which are perfect to clean and use as you see fit.

4. Love Cork Screw

If you’re looking for a wine made or at least selected by someone in America, then look at LCS. They’re now in over fifty stores, including Targets and Whole Foods.

Find out more about owner Chrishon Lampley on their website.

Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

If there are two similar businesses, one chain, and one small business, we’d hope you’d choose the latter. And if that small business was a black-owned business, then we hope you’d double down on your shop-small initiative.

Instead of putting money in some CEO’s pocket, you’re paying someone’s light bill, or car payment, or school fees. It’s worth the extra dollar you’ll spend – promise.

For more information on how to support black-owned businesses and leaders around the world, browse our site.

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