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Top 4 Easiest Jobs with High Salaries



We have compiled a list of jobs that you can consider since these roles often pay decent money and are the easiest when it comes to job responsibilities and routine. However, ease often comes after years of hard work and experience. We conducted a thorough research on the top on Reddit and scoured hundreds of comments from Redditors to learn from the actual experience of people.

IT Manager at a School/University or Government Facility

Software and IT jobs come in many varieties and mostly they aren’t easy or stress free. But if you are working as an IT manager at a university or school or a laid-back facility, your life would be easy since there isn’t much you will have to do except fixing small issues students and teachers run into, regular data backups, software fixes and tweaks. Here is a comment from a Redditor who thinks his job as an IT manager is easy with high salary:

I.T. Manager at a university. The techs know their jobs, their users, and manage their own schedules and workloads among themselves. Managers basically just have to rubber-stamp timecards, confirm parts orders, and make sure the techs don’t all take vacations at the same time.

Power Station Attendant

Not all power station jobs are stress-free. However, there are some roles which you can get after experience/with luck where all you have to do is to keep an eye out on the monitor to make sure nothing goes wrong in the electrical system. If you see a small glitch, you pick up the phone and inform the relevant person. A Redditor commented that they know someone who makes a whopping $150 per hour for just keeping an eye on the power station monitor:

My next door neighbour works in a power station. His job is to sit in front of a monitor and make sure everything is working well. If something goes wrong, he calls the appropriate work station and they fix the problem. Because an alarm sounds if something is out of sync (which rarely happens) he is able to play games or read a book 99% of the time. He is on $150 per hour to basically play games and chill at work.

Admin-Related Government Jobs

Reddit threads about easy jobs with high salaries are littered with comments where people share their experiences about government jobs. Admin-related roles in government jobs are extremely low-effort and have decent pay. You have nothing important to do; clock in, check emails, make a report or two and then spend the rest of your day reading books or playing games. Here is an interesting comment we found on Reddit:

I have some relatives that work for the (US) Federal Government that often talk about jobs where they work in areas like Accounting and Project Management that make over $100,000 and might on a busy day have as much as two hours of actual work. My Aunt was talking about this one older women near retirement that made over $120,000 a year and her only job was running some transactions every morning, which usually took no more than 20 minutes, then she would spend the rest of the day knitting at her desk.

Project Management

Again, PM isn’t stress-free in all cases. Things can vary based on the company and industry you are in. But many Redditors reported that their project management job is too easy for the money they are getting. However, most of these roles are in software project management (for major companies only; startup PM roles are stressful). See this interesting comment from a Redditor (I am jealous):

My current job. Project Manager for US Based Fortune 200 Company, permanent work from home, make six figures, and I do maybe 4 hours of actual work each week. I have my home office set up where I have 2 gaming monitors connected to my gaming laptop sitting on my desk directly in front of me. Then I have my work laptop sitting to one side that’s got the volume turned up so I hear if I get an email or message. When I do, I handle that, then go back to my personal laptop. Most days I’m either playing video games, watching movies, browsing reddit, studying for new certifications, or doing stuff around the house like laundry, dishes, cleaning rooms, food prep, etc.


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