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Top 4 Poker Analysis and Learning Software to Improve Your Poker Skills

When we talk about Poker, the element of chance and gamble come to mind. But Poker is a vast and diverse game, which can be learnt. Technology has revolutionized the gambling industry just like every other segment in our lives. You can actually use some amazing Poker software and HUDs (Heads Up Displays) to analyze your Poker game and find out where you messed up. These Poker software help you find out your and your opponents’ weakness and strengths.


PokerTracker 3/PokerTracke 4 is one of the best Poker HUDs which allows you to analyze and have a deep insight on the ins and outs of your Poker strategy. Using this tool you can easily pinpoint the reasons why you are failing at Poker. You can export all the data in the form of graphs to better analyze and visualize your Poker performance. This Poker HUD and software uses PostgreSQL to keep track of all Poker hands and statistics. The installation of this Poker HUD is pretty easy and straightforward. PokerTracker has amazing features like Vector HUD Engine, Interactive Reports, Drag & Drop HUD Profile Editor, and Global Database Graphing.

Hold’em Manager

Hold’em Manager Poker HUD has been one of the leaders in the Poker software industry. This software is powered by a huge and robust database using which you can log and process your game data.  Filters is perhaps the biggest strength of Hold’em Manager. When it comes to data processing and Poker analysis, filters are indispensable. And this software has lots of filters. Hold’em Manager comes with a pre-configured HUD. The tool also has an option to use new mini-charts in the HUD. You can also display the new NoteCaddy notes on the HUD.


Jivaro HUD seamlessly integrates with your Poker client and displays all the game data in an easy-to-comprehend way. Jivaro has a “Command Center” feature using which you can control, manipulate and process data. The HUD shows important data points such as total hands played, Pre-Flop raise, Agregssion Frequency (AFQ), Hand Counter and Much More.


DriveHUD is another great Poker analyst tool and HUD that you can

use to analyse your Poker skills. This tool makes profiles of your opponents so you can know their strategies keenly. DriveHUD’s best feature is its graphs, which could be used by Poker players to know exactly where they lag in the game. DriveHUD starts from about $10 a month. This package includes up to $5 tournaments 5NL cash games.

Fahad Saleem

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