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Top 5 African Social Networks

by Shirley Schutt

Happy businessman connecting to cloud computingTop 5 African Social Networks

There is no getting around that social media is here to stay. It has changed the way we communicate, interact and build relationships with one another. Globally, social media goes beyond Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. In Africa, the number of social media networks are steadily growing and making an impact in the way we communicate,  network, and even date.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 African social media networking sites that are making an impact and showing tremendous growth on the continent.

Mxit is South Africa’s largest mobile social network. As a free instant messaging application, Mxit boasts an impressive 7.4 million active users. The network is based in South Africa due to its ability to run on over 8,000 devices. Users can share updates, chat with friends, exchanges images, upload and download media, and send messages.

Bandeka, named by Forbes as one of “Africa’s Hottest Startups,” is the brainchild of Harvard Business school friends Yaw Boateng and Tunde Kehinde. Swahili for “connect,” Bandeka is an invite-only community where everyone is interconnected to at least one member and “well-educated Africans living around the world can connect, engage and develop lasting relationships.” Targeting young and upwardly mobile African professionals, the site takes the networking aspect offline hosting private parties and events where members can meet and interact.

Afroterminal, founded in 2009, is on its way to becoming one of the go to site for social media in Africa. With more than 40,000 members throughout the continent and the world, Afroterminal allows its members to chat real-time – 24-hours a day, exchanges photos, join forums and mingle.

Yookos (You Own Your Kosmos) is a social networking platform focused on connecting Africans with one another. With its  presence in more than 160 countries and 6 million registered users, Yookos allows members to share information, connect with friends and family and play games. What makes the site different is its ability to blend multiple social media functions and features into one intuitive and robust platform.

Eskimi is a Lithuanian mobile social network that has been booming in parts of Africa. It partnered with Nokia to launch an app that allows members to meet new friends, flirt, date and become part of an active community. The company has an impressive 14 million users in total, making an impact in African markets like Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa.

Have you tried any of these top social networks?  Feel free to share your experiences  in the comment section below. Follow Shirley on Twitter @OhShirl.

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