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Top 3 Innovative Startups to Watch in Africa

by Fahad Saleem

Top 3 Innovative Startups to Watch in Africa

Africa is a mobile-only continent and because of this, African tech firms are creating some of the coolest and really awesome start-ups. While only 16% of Africa’s one billion are online, over 720 million have cellphones, 167 million use the internet and to finish it off 52 million are on Facebook. This present tech firms the opportunity to come up with fascinating technology; here are the top 3 African start-ups to look for in 2014.


A device known as the “generator to back-up internet”, this solid device has everything one would need. Africa’s internet is really unreliable, so this device comes in great need. It has also has a large battery, which can keep up to 20 devices connected for 8 hours! Take one of these into a hike through the African jungles and you’re set. It’s robust enough to handle poor line speeds, power failures and tough mishaps. This device will change lives of people, especially those who are always mobile.

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2. Jumia

Say hello to Africa’s Amazon. Jumia provides cash-on-delivery service in the populated areas of Nigeria. Orders can be placed online or through cell phones and the products are delivered by motorcyclists to the buyers home where cash can be paid. This is a very beneficial start-up as many Africans are without the proper assets and don’t have the resources to go to far markets to buy products. Jumia’s easy service will really benefit those people and make online shopping so much easier.

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3. SleepOut

Book flights just got easier for many people in Africa. This service uses SMS and the internet as it’s interface. Bookings can be made in over 30 countries in Africa or the Middle East. It also offers cheap prices for the bookings, as well as hotels, holiday homes and more. Booking flights at one point was a difficult task for many in Africa, but this service has made it a lot easier. Not everyone uses the internet, but most have cellphones and since bookings can be made through SMS, expect some very happy people in Africa!

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